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I am a permanent resident of Canada. do i need a visa to go to Hawaii?

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I am planning to go to Hawaii in December and have already booked my flight. I am a permanent resident in Canada. Do I need a visa or any other travel document apart from my passport and PR card to go to Hawaii. I am only stay for 10 days. Please help it is hard to find answers to these questions and the tickets cost a bundle so if I am to get any other documents, I would love to know so that I can get right on it.


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    Yes!You need visiting visa for that,if you stay there for one day only.Then you have to take visa also and you are talking about 10 days.Definitely,you would have to take visa.
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    Actually, it depends what country your passport is from. For example, Australians resident in Canada don't need a US visa for visits of up to 90 days, whereas Indian passport holders do require a visa.
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    what is the money like is it the same like amount?
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    i am a permanent resident in canada. i already bookeda flight to the us thinking i could use my permanent resident card to get in i have recently been told i need a visa is there any way to get around tht?
  • what should i do to get 1 day usa visa??i am canadian pr

  • Being a permanent resident in Canada doesn't entitle you to any visa-free travel in the US. I can't advise anyone on visas if I don't know where you're from and what passport you'll be using. The best thing you can do is call your nearest US Embassy.
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