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Looking for 'retirement visa' requirements

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Greetings, Can someone please direct me to an official (or not) website that will give me updated info on (permanent) retirement in Jamaica? I now live in Thailand on a retirement visa but miss the Caribbean Sea too much.


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    Why on earth would someone want to retire to a country with the crime of Jamaica. I lived there for many years, loved the looks of the place, even most of the people, but the handful that are violent spoil the country. Drugs, muggings, shootings are the norm. After dark, better drive a tank. If Jamaica wasnt as bad as it is, so many Jamaicans from all over the world would head back when they retire, as it is, only a handful would do this. You only have to look at the cities overseas that Jamaicans have moved into to see the awful criminals that they are.
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    Well Jim, your comments are well appreciated but of absolutely no help regarding my request. Yes, your comments are 100% true and useful to those who know nothing of the country and its never-to-be-resolved problems. As you must be aware of - there is virtually no governmental group or society that wants Jamaica to be a self-sustaining entity.
    If fact, to agree with you wholeheartedly, everyone of the populous wants to be "adopted" by a country such as the USA, Canada or even Cuba. I.E. They all want to be able to draw welfare checks for doing nothing but smoking Ganja and having illicit children!
    Jim, I know Jamaica well. Everyone of the local denizen are denied a decent education and yet they sternly believe that "we" owe them everything!
    They want ebry likkle ting for free just as their forefathers where given food and clothing for "free". The current populous just doesn't want to work as hard as their slave forefathers did.
    But why am I expressing this to you - your comments didn't offer me anything I didn't know, and nothing about what I ask about.
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    Lyode Johnson (J.P.) 876-381-0912 876-544-0294 This man is very nice and is a judge in hanover parish he should be able to help you with your concerns...if he ask were you got his numbers tell him a friend in cousins cove gave it to you .
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    Barrych, Thank you.
    I happen to know Cousin Cove and a man called Rudie. He used to be good, then turned and then back to good again (forever, I hope). Maybe I will stop by Hanover in February 2013.
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    Ruddy was shot and lived and could not keep his moth shut so they came back and shot him some more ..Ruddy Perry Died a few years ago ..But Vern (his wife ) and de kids are doing fine .. i will be cove for a few mths soon..
  • wow. I am Jamaican living presently in Jamaica.  and yes aspects of Jamaica are bad.  and crime is ever present.  however i want to see the better side of Jamaica its vast natural beauty.  and yes because of economic conditions we have to seek employment outside our shores to support our families.  no country is perfect no set of people perfect it regrettable that some Jamaican has made a nasty name for themselves in other shores but so too many other has contributed in a positive way.  i love this piece of rock, sadden by the crime the state of our government and the overall depression you see on the faces  
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