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cheap holiday package maldives

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Where can I find the cheapest Maldives holiday? I want to go scuba diving in the Maldives, take my 8 year old and 16 year old daughters to snorkel. Which hotel should I go for and where can I find a decent (cheap) holiday package for the Maldives?


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    Come and stay with us at Asseyri tourist Inn - Maldives
    Email me at [email protected] or Visit our website at

    Our main goal is to provide services to customers on a budget, So im sure that we have a package to suite your needs.

    thank you
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    Look here: Jupiter Sunrise Lodge on Keyodhoo Maldives Vavoo Atoll.
    You want to review a lot of information on Facebook at Jupiter Sunrise Lodge.
    A large All Inn offer for a cheap price.

    thank you
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    Contact Viewland Maldives Pvt Ltd for your Maldives tours

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    Hi.Check out our guesthouse at
    Questions and wishes are welcome.
    All the best
    Simple Guesthouse
  • budget holidays in Maldives is still possible. With a group of friends we traveled to Maldives on Feb 15 with no plans or itinerary at all. We checked some resorts but we couldn’t find anything, (too expensive!!) . We stayed the first night in hulumale guest house and we met great Maldivian people who told us about guest houses on local islands and cruise ( safari boats they call them ) . As we wanted to discover as many places as possible and enjoy different snorkeling places we contacted a cruise company. we hired a private boat for the 4 of us for 4 days. We paid 130USD per day and per person with food included, private boat, our own private cabin, all excursions included. We had an AMAZING time !! We traveled for 4 days, went to local islands, sandbanks, robinson crusoe islands, fishing, snorkeling, grilled fish and seafood bbq on the beach and one of our friend managed to surf !!! … it was just great, crew was so friendly and we saw real Maldivian way of life, fantastic underwater life and beautiful islands and beaches. For 520 USD per day for 4 people ( a little bit more cause we had alcohol on board and it was chargeable:-) we had the time of our life and it was only for the 4 of us . We decided to go back next year but for a longer period . Here is the link of the company who arranged our trip :
    It might helps more people interested in real Maldives and not the 5 stars luxury resorts. There are also more and more guests houses opening on the local islands but the main issue is the limited transportation and the fact that you will be stuck few days on a tiny island with not so much activities. Just try Maldives, it is a definitely a MUST SEE !
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