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I want my Nigerian fiance to be in Australia with me ... need help!

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Hi there, my Nigerian fiance currently in Malaysia on a study visa recently applied for a visiting visa to Australia for 2 months so we could spend our birthdays and Christmas together, but it was rejected. Now I am devastated and we had planned for him to apply for a prospective marriage visa when he returned, but now looks like I will have to travel there so we can get married and then apply for a partner visa.
I have been to Malaysia twice to stay with him and we had plans to marry in Australia on prospective marriage visa, but now we don't know what to do.
The reason given from the Department of Immigration in Malaysia was that they are not convinced if granted a visa for Australia he would not apply to extend his stay or apply for another visa.
I have called an immigration lawyer who wanted to charge me $451 per hour for advice!! Can anyone help?
I am really devastated, have been crying for days and just don't know what to do. We have discussed the thought of him going back to Nigeria and we could get married there, but it seems Malaysia is a better place for him to stay until he can come to Australia.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou.


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    To mama Africa, my advice to you is to go to Malaysia and marry him there and then sponsor him to Australia as your husband. You are lucky that you can go and visit him in Malaysia instead of having to travel to Nigeria. I am going to Nigeria to meet my man for the first time and if things turn out as we planned, we will get marry in Lagos. Good luck

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    Hi Autumn, thanks for your reply! Wow Congratulations to you! When are you getting married. Are you Australian yourself? I would love to talk to you more :)
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    From vietnam
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    I be gladly to have a chat with you. If you like give me your email address and I will contact you. All the best for 2012

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    Yes it seams to be impossible to get a visa for anyone from Nigeria unless they have loads of money and even then our government will still questions it.

    It stinks as if they were blood muslims or indians that rowed over on a boat univited and claim they are refugees, they let them in and let them live off our welfare systems. And after that they course so much trouble and they still let more of them in. I think our gov here needs to take a long look at themselves and start letting some Africans of the Christain faith in, who are willing to work hard to make a better life for themselves and improve our country.

    Yes I too now have to go to Nigeria to obtain my man. We are going to get married this May and try to obtain a partner visa for him so that he can come here and be a benefit to this country unlike most they let in. Its already cost around $ and no results.

    All I can suggest is Im not using a lawyer as there is still no promise if you fork out the $5000-$15000 quote given to me by the ones I looked into, of getting that visa.

    Yes there is a lot of paperwork to obtain and fill in but you can get this all of these sites and Its cost last time I looked was around $2000 logdment fee. This takes at less 3-6 month to process (ha)

    Its cost me around $600 in vaccination and around $160 in obtaining doucument from nigeria so I can apply for my visa in March this year which with the courier cost will be around $350. I've purchase my plan ticket and travel insurane which was $3000. This just the start of the process.

    The Nigeria gov when applying for your visa need BTA or proof of funds and require you last six month Bank Statements plus all the rest of the paperwork. Ive already talked to my employer to obtain letters and other document to obtain this.

    If you do go to Nigeria you will need to allow 3-4 weeks to get Marriage as you need to post intention of marriage for 21 days before you can obtain a licence to get married. Plus have a blood test and some geno test. There is a bit of paperwork need for this but it should not be a hard to do compair to the one here.

    All I can say (this might sound heartless) SUCK it up as its going to be a long hall!!! My finaee and me have been going through this for over a year now and could still take another year.

    Im here if you want to chat.


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    Hi Angeleyess, you don't have to wait for 21 days to be married as long as the registrar office has your paperwork. I was there to have wedding consultation with one of the approval officer there. He almost made me cried because he asked me to get letter from Australian Consulate at Abuja said that I never marriage before. At the end the problem was solved by giving him 5000 naira to make a call and confirm my status with Australian consultate at Abuja.
    My husband also need to get letter of origin and the confirmation letter that he has never marriage before. Everything is done within a week.
    21 days is valid for the local people not for overseas. I had seen also an America lady paperwork on his desk also and he told me they also were in the process.
    However, you have to get the visa first before you are going to Lagos. Myself, I used the Flight Center service to obtain the visa. All you need to do is to get the invitation letter from your boyfriend and the letter of employment from his company. You don't have to provide your employment letter but your boyfriend has to provide his employment letter or his company certificate if he has the business. From there, you will know if he is truth for you.
    Hope this advise will be useful. All the best and have a safety journey to Lagos.
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    Did you do your research before going
    See website - marriage

    The letter he/she said you needed from the embassy is a lie

    It clearly states on how to register a marriage in Nigeria that you do not need a certificate of no Impediment to Marriage so you gave this clerk 5000 just to make a call (and advise by the embassy staff as well)

    Please check this site out and call the staff there (they are very helpful)

    As for fight centre travel agency they can not even get my ticket right and I only have 10 weeks to go

    I have looked and call this Nigeria embassy here to see what I need to do. They said that the 21 day is stand and that clerk maybe push the certificate throught as you gave him the 5000 (did you get a receipt for this I bet it was paid in cash)

    As for my visa yes it ture you need a letter from his or her employer and a letter of invitation (I have a court approved letter) as it not just a letter need like here

    You still need to provide means of bank statement of 6 month stated on this site and as I planning on staying over 3 weeks the embassy advise me to have a letter from my employer too to show that I will not over stay my welcome and that I do have means.


    Mandy thank you for your truthful comments - just proves that the cruption is within the public sector

    I would like to know more on your trip there and how they treated you as a visitor

    Would like to know anything else customs, what to look out for and any positive/negaitive comments on your trip

    Would also like to know how you are going with having your husband application to come here again

    Thank you again for you coments - they do help others here

    PS was that clerk rude or pushy when the issue of that letter was needed?? would love to know more about this issue


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    Hi Angelyess,

    when I applied a visa to Nigeria, the documents that consulate required was the visa fee, my husband' letter of employment, my husband company certificate registration and 6 month bank statement, a copy of my husband passport and a return ticket. I applied the visa with the help from Flight Center as I bought the ticket from them. I got the visa within a week.

    About my marriage, my husband went to the marriage register place a month before our marriage, he went there to inform them of his intention to marry overseas girl. He registered our marriage with them and get the date. They also require him give them a copy of our birth certificate, passport, medical report, letter of origin from my husband.

    From my understanding, my husband was required to pay AUD 160 to get the wedding to be
    done. But he didn't make the payment till we together went there on 27 Dec. Yes, the officers there were unfriendly, but we were lucky that their boss were there. He personally asked me so much questions especially knowing I knew my husband only three months. He made me cried there, yes, I cried there bc I almost had fight with him. Luckily his assistant came to him and had conversation with him. At the end, he decided to approve our marriage with the additional payment of 5000 naira to make a call to Austalian Consulate for getting my information. We got the date of our wedding on 4 January 2012.

    Yes, we finally got marriage with the small ceremony, I had a blissful wedding and my husband is a very good person and I'm blessed to have him as my husband.

    We are in the process of getting all the required documents for partner visa. We engaged the service from Melbourne lawyer to help us. The time frame is our obstacle now. My husband is having difficulty to complete his application bc of no power, no Internet connection but we will get there soon. Our communication now is via yahoo.messenger. I'm astonishing with their service bc I'm able to chat, talking, video call everyday with my husband. He is a wonderful husband. Please feel free to contact me. All the best Angel. I feel we are all in the same shoes. Not every Nigerian is bad. I went there and met good people there. Cheers.
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    Hi Mandy

    Ive checked with the nigeria embassy again in the ACT and they sent me an email about what i need for the marriage in Nigeria

    certificate of no Impediment to Marriage I have manage to have this and it cost me $110 and they said that it is only 2000 niara (around 30 aus dollars) to do the intenton of marraiga over there

    Please check with your lawyer as you need to know your husband for over 12 months before you can apply for your visa for him check the visa website.

    I only have 60 days before i fly out (less than 9 weeks) and i will do my own visa

    Any way any one else planning on do this should check with the country embassy with in Australia as they will be helpful in getting the correct information

    Anyway will keep every one post here on how i go

    but Mandy check with the lawyer as he/she should have told you this


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    Hi Angeleyess, if we applied partner visa based on marriage, 12 months is not required. 12 month is required for de facto visa. I read some people with short meeting got their visa as long as they are legally married and proven their relationship are genuine and truth.

    Before you go to Lagos, you should ask your bf to inform the registrar for his intention to marry overseas lady one month before as what my husband did. However, you guys don't have to pay until near date of marriage. A week before the wedding, you both will definitely have to meet with the wedding consulate from the registrar. He will be the one to approve whether the wedding will take place. Bear in mind, most of them are pretty rude but you have to make them
    believe that you both are in love. You have to prepare 2 pc colour pass photo,
    birth certificate, the letter proved that both of you had never married, letter of origin from your partner and AUD 160. Once the consulate satisfied, he will then approve the marriage. Please bear
    in mind, you will have cash in your hand because they will ask you to pay something. I forgot to bring color passphoto, I had to take there and cost me 1,000 naira to get four color passphotos.

    Also, please bear in mind, please watch your things such as luggages, bags (everything), please make sure that there is no opium, narcotic whatsoever in your bags. Because upon your returning, you will have a terror checking from the immigrant officer at the airport. They did it to me, I
    spent almost two hours with them. They checked everything including my body until they satisfied that I didn't carry any single narcotic or opium.
    They told me that they caught a lady before carrying two kilos of opium from Nigeria as her bf asked her to carry the opium in her bag.

    Please take care your self in Nigeria. Please make sure your mobile is fully charged and converted with the local call there. Please use travel sim card. Or if your phone is iPhone with internet, please download Rebtel application, it's a cheap international call using your data, so you are able to call your friend in Australia, just in case you encounter the problem there.

    Take care and all the best.

    Kind Regards

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    I am also engaged to a Nigerian guy who is in Malaysia on a Student Visa. I have been with him for 2 years now and have made 6 trips over to see him. He was also rejected a Visitors Visa because basically they didnt believe that he had enogh reason to go back to Malaysia and that he would stay in Australia......WHATEVER!!! I have hired a lawyer and the application is very close to being sent to Kuala Lumpur. I was advised NOT to get married out of the country and only to do that as a last resort. The application fee for a fiance visa is the same as a partner visa $2000 plus all the rest of the documents needed.....police reports etc etc.
    It's a long hard slog but we have to believe that it will all work out in the end.
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    I have read all the cool love stories about love and Nigerian men, but please know that ur Government as only got ur back by not providing every single Nigerian men a visa to head down to the Kangaroo land, espesially those of u that only met ur Nigerian men online or via internet or inroduction by another african, everyone should please know this facts,,,
    Nigeria is a very rich country, but the citizens are poor, this people will say and love anything to get out of poverty, u just wait till they get into Aussie land and become a citizen then most will dump u at any given oportunity, if u know that u are older than ur African husband then please stop decieving urself and calling it love, if u know u are better of financialy than ur Nigerian husband or u support him financially then u are very stupid for thinking it is love, WARNING to Aussie women dating Africans in residing in Asia on student visa, 99.9 % of them are desprate poor africans trying to escape poverty and residing in Asia by pulling many types of internet scams, such as love scams to get into developed countries such as AUstralia. If u want a partner please pray to the creator of heaven and earth to send u the bone of ur bone, rather than gambling with desperate poor African men. Think why will a man leave all the beautiful young african women with thesame understandable culture and marry a white older mostly fatter not so in demand financially a little better than most if not all ur Nigerian husband to be. U will never find a much educated financially stable and comfortable Nigerian Man marry a foreigner, I am tired of counselling silly women with dreams of kissing poor frogs and calling them husbands by wishing they turn to an handsome prince. Nigerian women are trained from childhood that a husband is the head of the family, not equal. The women are trained to do all the cooking and every freaking hosehold shores while the men just work drink and womanizes around. Why in the world will they want to leave such women and marry u? Anyway if u r sure that u have found the one and still want to bring him over contact me and i will help, but bear in mind that ur marriage willl only last for 5 years, not all but 95% will end and they will start dreaming of marrying someone from an african culture. Remember poverty will make anyone love an ugly duck, the only reason u dont see africans on boat in australia is because it is just too far by boat and ur government makes the visa mission immposible to save people like u from future heart t, please contact Italy or europe about affricans arriving on boat just type it on google or youtube and stop living in denial... if u still need advices on visa for ur dream frog contact me. Please type and read love 419 visa scam on before u contact me and make sure u have not charmed by love black magick of african voodoo please go to church and pray. I am not saying all africans are bad i know very good ones who are doctors in Aussie land but most on the internet are just trying to use desperate women to get into Australia by playing the love game.
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    i have read all submissions here concerning prospective African men trying to marry Australian women, and consequently aiming to end their living in Australia. I want to categorically state here that every country in the world has the right to formulate her policies in such a way she finds deem fit to protect her sovereignty, and of course, the rights of her citizens.

    However, it is morally wrong for such country while trying to protect her citizens, to always presume that the citizens of other countries are bad, of wicked intentions, and will always turn to be of adversities to her citizens. Of particular reference to these other countries are the countries from Africa, especially, Nigeria that I come from.

    Nigerian men are not bad lovers, pretentious husbands, and never want to be scammed husbands. It is a known fact that the world is now a global village by the introduction of modern day internet and computers, which have been employed for so many other uses to the betterment of mankind, of which is finding a prospective wife from other continents other than that of one.

    Of course, just like as we can find in other climes, there are bad people and also the good people. And the misuse of any invention by the bad people will never consume the importance of that same invention to mankind. What am i saying here? There are many real prospective husbands that are abound in Africa, and just because they live in Africa, should not prevent them from looking for their lucky women in any part of the world that they can find them. And like every real relationship, it first would start normally from meeting, here on internet, nurtured well and could be blossomed depending on the partners involved. Many have been living witnesses to the workability of the marriages across borders.

    Again, denying real African men, who have even gone ahead to marry their women form anywhere they find them, visa just on unfounded presumption that the marriage is not really based on true love because of perceived differences in social class, age, countries, or whatever primordial reasons, is to me very unfair and wicked.

    Well, i know that situations on ground have dispelled a lot of these wicked fellows who never want to see any thing good coming out of Africa but always believe that just the bad always emanate from that rich continent
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    I don't think anyone is suggesting that every single man in Nigeria is dishonest. What's important is to know the warning signs of a scam and protect yourself from being taken advantage of in a smart way.

    Check out this post on spotting online scams.
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    I am trying to find a way of getting my Nigerian friend into Australia - He is worried about the possible civil war escalating and wants to eave for a better life. How do I find out how he can either come here on a sponsorship or if he can apply for a work visa first and then seek a sponsor once he is here
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    I married a cameroonian man i met online he visted me in Australia two times in two years and then we applied for a visa to get married which he got. Everything was going great meeting other cameroonians , even his family back home got me to name their kids. Five months after he got his permanant residency he came home told me he had to leave me as his family back home didn't want him to be with me and they had put a black magic curse on him. We didn't fight nothing beforehand all was good well so it seemed everyone who knew us was shocked. But even his other cameroonian friends said to me this is about a visa. I did some of my own investigation and realised he has had a girl back home from before he met me and will mostly likely try and get her over here. So they can play a perfect game and fool everyone even their own fellow countrymen. There is some genuine ones out there but there are others that are master minipulaters .
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    I married a Nigerian. He came to Australia. He is a liar and and
    User. He used me as a free ticket to Australia and to take
    Advantage of everyone and everything. It is all about him. We
    Have two chIldren and it makes no difference. He is a womaniser
    And he is just wants to use and abuse the women he sleeps with.
    There is no shortage of women and they all end up broken hearted and
    Poorer for their experience. What ever you do when involved with
    A Nigerian do not spend any money, not one cent as they are
    Such good scammers. Yes they say they will return the debt but I am
    Still waiting several years later. If they are keen they will do all
    The work to get to you and they do and will
    Survive without you and your help! They are not
    Poor bugger me, they are on a journey from
    A to B and then ont C!
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    To those ladies who think african blacks are good especially nigerians. Those who got married to them later regretted as almost all of them are scammers. In malaysia, few of them even asked their country man to fuck their wife. 3 to 4 guys at the same time. They are very polite, very soft, kind etc before marriage. After marriage, they will beat u up in the slightest hickup. They will start to have other woman for sex and money. U all ladies who taught few months of internet chat brings u good husband. U are very stupid.
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    I agree with hate 419 love scammers. Those africans who are so old enough to be grand father also apply to study in malaysia. Some who managed to get into malaysia will look for malaysian ladies and fuck them until they cannot get rid of these scammed of their mind. End of the day they just marry these africans. Once these africans got their visa, the start to whack up their so call malaysian wife. With the visa ticket, they can keep scamming thru internet scamming. It is gd that australian govt makes it difficult for these crooks to make use of australian ladies. In malaysia, the govt officers, envoy, diplomats to african country and those working in malaysia are all corrupted. They approved visa without interviews as long as they are being paid 20,000 naira as exposed by africans themselves. The govt of malaysia does not protect their citizens as these crooks makes alot of trouble in malaysia, harming malaysian by scamming their money. The malaysian economy will go bankrupt if this continues as malaysians purchasing power is getting weeker as all the money scammed flows out to african countries. I hope this coming election will see opposition be the next govt. We want to go for a change. Out with the pariah govt.
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    I felt bad for those who had bad experience with their relationships and I also felt very sad for the scam stories. It is good to heed to advice and investigate properly when you are dealing with anyone especially when it comes to love and your life.
    But it is also wrong to demonize all Nigerians or Africans because some of them chose to paint their countries dark by scamming people and committing other crimes.

    I have been married to my Nigerian husband for 19 years and we are blessed with 3 kids. Our eldest is now 18 years old. We live here in Australia but we spend most holidays in Nigeria. My husband loves me so much and has always been a great husband. He is a faithful and God fearing man. Just like other marriages we have minor issues(such as giving out money to relatives and taking care of them) I have come to understand that it is in their culture to assist a relative or even a far relative who is in need.

    My advice is this; before you get married to your Nigerian or African boyfriend, try your best to know what is his intentions, whether he wants to use you for money or for visa.
    I didn't have much when my husband married me, we both worked hard to build a life and because he is very business minded, we started a business that is thriving now. We have bought a house here in Australia and another one in Enugu Nigeria. I did my best to learn his language in order to understand his people, our kids speak the language too.
    Maybe I will say that I am among the lucky ones, we call ourselves Nigerwives (a group of foreign women married to Nigerians).

    So my point is that not all Nigerians are bad and like I said, investigate the intentions of your boyfriend properly.

    Don't be used for Visa or Money.
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    Rule of Thumb
    If you met the Nigerian Online
    If he is younger than you
    If he does not have a defined means of livelihood ( meaning you have had to send him money/pay for his expenses)

    Then it is more than 95% likely you are being used.

    Nigerian women may marry foreigners and get away with it ( because the offspring of the woman does not bear her maiden name) BUT Nigerian Men rarely marry outside their tribe talk less of outside their Country.

    As a Registered Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer, I never accept matters where I know ( being Nigerian) that there is a high probability that the Nigerian party is not genuine. In one case the Nigerian bloke was 28 years and the Aussie lady was 55 Years old.
    I am always available for professional advice.
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    Mamma Africa, I was just wondering how you plight is going, have you had any success with this ???
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    Hi Jenny, your marriage sounds wonderful and is everything I had hoped for in my own. Unfortunately, mine has not ended well. I was vulnerable after losing my parents 6 months apart, though that is no excuse. I met my husband,online, in 2007, he was in Malaysia on a student visa. He sent a ticket for me to visit for 3 weeks. I discovered much later, that it was purchased fraudulently. Feb 2008, he calls me from Germany, saying he was detained whilst trying to visit me for valentines day. He was romantic, would sent flowers via interflora. I flew to detention center in Germany to see him, it was cheap from UK. I told him to return to Nigeria n I would marry him. I love/d him, n thought maybe God had felt my pain and sent me a companion. We married in April, n his father told me he was happy with his son's choice of wife. I had problems with my laptop, so we swapped in Nigeria n i brought his home. He was to repair mine n bring it with him. I found internet chats to 14 other women, Australia, London with him declaring love n proposing marriage or asking for money for rent or because he was stranded. His father pleaded his case n I continued with the visa application. He was OK for 2 years, but still guarded his laptop. I knew that it was likely to be a total scam, but I didnt give up, my 4 year old worshipped him n he her. Two yrs passed, then we sent for his 2 brothers n mother to stay for 6 months, n his true colours came out. He would bully them all, like he did me at times. We separated 16 months ago, he lives up the road. He dates, but still see's 'our daughter', I still call mom n dad. He owed me 10k for a business loan, n despite his financiL hardships, makes the repayments monthly. He has a good job with the council. I feel scammed(ish), but I would never change the Nija experience, just wished it was for a lifetime not a season.
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    It is unfortunate that some of you have had terrible experiences with nigerian men. I am Nigerian and i would like to inform you thst even Nigerian women get scammed by Nigerian men,so dont go feeling it is all about white women. Truth is, if you ever meet a Nigerian guy on line, HE IS OUT TO SCAM YOU!!!!NO NIGERIAN MAN WHO IS SERIOUS, WELL EDUCATED AND RICH would want to marry any white girl he meets on line. Most of them who marry white women genuinely meet the women in their home countries(and they are not on student visas to those countries most times).
    Bottom line,there are VERY GOOD NIGERIAN MEN everywhere,just avoid ''falling in love via internet''. I can bet it would end up being a scam.
    And to the ones who intend coming to Nigeria to get married after knowing him for just few months, you might want to have a rethink. Try extending your courtship for 2 years at least.If he indeed loves you,he would stick around. If he is a scammer,he would get tired of waiting and move on.
    Best wishes!
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    BEWARE OF NIGERIAN MEN LIVING IN AUSTRALIA. I married a nigerian man who I met online, he had been living in Malaysia for years. He was a black prince and he gave himself that name. BLACK PRINCE.was the sweetest man with the biggest heart and loveliest smile, WOW all the girls at our wedding wanted ONE just like him! I have spent so much money trying to help him since he arrived in OZ. he always said he would pay me back. The day I stopped giving him money is the day he changed. We have 3 children now and he has been so unhelpful and very mean and very demanding financially draining me until i went broke. i had a nervous breakdown from his abuse.
    He became demanding and demonic, talking about how old and ugly i am. now he wants 1 million dollars and he yells that at me. I dont have any money left. He spent the last money and he does not understand there is no more. He now calls himself a God fearing man, a good christian.
    I know he is trawling the internet looking for his next romance victim for his next
    sugar mummy. Scammers can keep relationships going for months or even years. We call this grooming. For a long while, they ask for nothing. The victim believes their ‘suitor’ must genuinely love them. But sooner or later there will be a specific request. Whether it’s for a visa or a marriage, the scammer will eventually ask for something.

    Some people are so desperate to be loved that they will do almost anything. They get sucked in, and they can’t turn back. They are not prepared to admit that they have fallen for a fantasy. They feel embarrassed and ashamed, they don’t want friends or family to know.

    ‘Some lose their dignity along with their life savings, their homes and even their sense of self. For some, being conned out of everything you ever worked for is too much to take. I know of four suicides which occurred as a direct result of romance scamming. . Taking their own lives must have seemed easier than owning up to having got it so wrong’.

    If you stop giving money the love is finished. No money ,No honey!!
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    God blss some of Australia woman here who talk good about Nigeria,Australia woman will are not bad,I'm from Nigeria live In Malaysia my girlfriend from Australia she want me to come and live in Australia,Australia is not the best,Australia woman ask yourself when you died where are you going God knows everything Nigeria is a rich country,
  • It's totally absurd to discriminate and make prejudice comments about people from other nations. I can tell you that not Africans/ Nigerians are bad. Some of us have been with Australian ladies and they treated us like slaves, lump of meats, used us & survived of our credit cards. Most of them are lazy to get off their ass and do something to survive. Nigerians are hard working people and very determined in whatever they're doing. Australian women play us for a fool, thinking we're not smart enough. Yes, African is a poor continent and Yes, We are looking for ways to live a good life. Some of went into marriage without thinking of divorcing our ladies but  the thing is that, they do everything to get you into their country and they change their behaviors, ways, thinking they've got you in a tight corner of no return. My advice to Africans/ Nigerians, be very careful of whom your going start that journey with. Don't believe in what you see on the computer screen or what your been told, as it will never be the same when you are in Australia. Well, all i can say is that, if you are determined to give someone a life, just do it without whinging that Africans/Nigerians are bad. 
  • I am really feeling real down now ,would have cried if I was still a kid.i am a Nigerian based in southafrica,i got a lady online she is from Australia,we hv been dating long time,i send her gifts once in every month,i hv neva asked her for money or complained,she wants me to come to Australia bt it wnt be dt easy as it could be for her to com here.i told her to com to southafrica so we could marry n she can go bak with the documents,i promised to pay her flight I am scared cus if she read all dis stories about Nigerian I will loose her.pls my fellow Nigerians les stop dis scams pls. :'(
  • I wanted to know if your still with your guy? In in a similar situation and I'm starting to have some doubts about him be truthful.
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    I really sympathize heartily for the victims of love in this forum, and on behalf of my brothers I sincerely apologia for the heartbreak experienced by some or greater number.
    I am a Home bred Nigerian and initially doesn't believe in long distance dating or stuff. I of recent; December precisely fell into this kind emotion online with this wonderful foreign lady. The emotion get rising. Of course she is way older to me by 5 years but as my built is I m more physically matured to her. I really love what is going on between us, we have certain common believe, worldview, English language, religion(Christian - catholic ). I am thinking she might be the one.
    But however, coming on this forum today makes me to really ask what the cultural milieu of Australia(Aussie as she proudly calls it) is like. Are all of them biased as the view I met here of Nigerian men coming to scam overaged lovers? I don't know much about Australia , are they seriously biased as such? Could my girl be thinking same. I am 29 n she is 35.
  • I doubt your girl feels the same because she is smitten with you but sad to say Nigerians have a dreadful reputation worldwide.Not just for love scams but also financial scams.

    Australia like Europe and the UK is a multi racial country and a five year age difference is not considered unusual. Unless you have a good job and fit the required criteria you will have great difficulty visiting Australia.
    However I wish you well.
  • I am unsure on if I should help my bf with a student visa into Australia .
    Reading these forums has made me question myself am I doing the right thing .
    I am a New Zealand citizen living in OZ , I don't have PR or Citizenship .
    My bf is Nigerian and we have been in a relationship for 2 and a half years .
    I use to travel to Malaysia to visit him as he was a student there , he has since returned to Nigeria and wants to come to OZ and study . Then when he arrives I hope to marry him so we can apply for a spouse visa . We thought about doing the spouse/ defacto visa but as I'm not a citizen thought this would be easier .
    Can anyone help me on what would be the best way to bring him to Australia .
  • To sponsor a spouse into Australia you must be an " Eligible New Zealand Citizen" the definition is here

    You may be able to sponsor him as your spouse under the provisions of the Subclass 461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa

    In saying all of this you need to be very careful in your relationship with this man. It is very common for women from Australia, NZ, USA and Europe to be "groomed" for years by men from poor countries who will use you simply to obtain residence and have a better life in a richer country.

  • Thanks Alethia
    I have the above mentioned visa classes ,
    Yes I will if I follow through be using subclass 461 .
    We never know in life what our fate maybe , I was groomed for 23 years before I had enough courage to leave an abusive mentally and physically marriage with a westerner .
    So I'm not about to embark on a relationship that could possibly leave me in turmoil . How do I know if my partner is going to use me for money or a visa .
    1. I have no money
    2. It is I not him that is encouraging him to come to Australia . He is happy to live in Nigeria and for me to go there . I am a Westerner & I don't want to live in a third world country .
    3. Nigerians have a bad reputation as do my own people but if we judged everyone on the same basis there would be no people in this world that wasn't corrupt .
    4. I hope I have done my research & watched for signs of a scam enough for me not to be scammed .
    5. It is only through coming on this site that has given me doubt . Which I'm truly thankful in reading the comments , as it has given me insight into what could happen .
    6. I am the one that my bf is worried about as I have lots of pic's & account details that he uses and I have said I would have no qualms in posting his personal information along with his pic to known beware scammer sites .
    In all honesty I do hope I have found my soulmate who is willing to learn a new culture in a new land .
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    Matalec, I wish I had a pound for every time I have read or heard the same things you have written to justify your relationship.

    You obviously do not understand the word"groomed", being in an abusive relationship is not being groomed.

    Grooming is not just an online scam, its where a man from a poor country courts and eventually marries a woman from a first world country and waits years lulling the woman into a false sense of security, then when he has his permanent residence or citizenship he leaves. Children have been born from such relationships and the woman is left in no doubt that she was used for a visa. which is worth far more than money"

    Why did your boyfriend study in Malaysia if he is happy to stay in Nigeria. Nigerians study in Malaysia as do other Africans as Malaysian universities offer internationally recognised degrees that can possibly provide access to first world countries.

    You wrote and I quote "  Nigerians have a bad reputation as do my own people"  Since when did New Zealanders become known as international scammers and fraudsters.

    Good luck Matalec I hope you have found your soul mate but I doubt it. Also you may have the visa information but I have put it out on the public domain to help others,

  • edited March 2014
    Grooming someone for ones own intentions is the same as what you mention.It does not necessary mean you are poor and doing it for citizenship or visa.
    He wanted to complete his diploma in a reputable university . On doing so he is now employed in a very good position .
    You seem to think every Nigerian in a foreign relationship is a scammer .I find this very narrow minded .
    New Zealand has NO fraudsters or scammers is an understatement because they don't make it to international status .
    Remembering there are only 4 million New Zealanders compared to 119 million Nigerians .
    I know you mean well with your advice , good luck has nothing to do with it .
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    DAMN THIS WHITE women are mumu oh .. Sorry to be so blunt..  First of all :

    1. Most responsible nigerian men do not go for caucausian women.. This is because of the HUGE HUGE CUltural difference.. You believe so much in equality in a funny manner.. For example , you really expect a Nigerian man to cook and share home chores with you? lol... That is not our culture.. Hence they stick to nigerian women mostly 

    2. Most well brought up Nigerians will have their parents constantly telling them NOT TO BRING HOME A WHITE PERSON.. Too much cultural difference and all

    3. If you are a white lady especially if you are big and a nigerian man tells you he loves you too soon .. You are 99% likely to be in for a scam.. I have seen this alot.. The good nigerians don't like things like this but unforturnately we get sterotyped due to the actions of the bad ones ..

    4. Seriously stop sending money to nigerian men.. In our culture the man mostly spends on you not the other way round ..He pays the house bill, the school fees for the kids  and even give you the money for food stuff.. Your role is to work ( Nigerian women are hardworking we arent really so much of a stay at home type ), take care of the family, cook, clean the house ( Those are your work ... You shouldnt send money to him.. You can support him money wise in some cases but most times you shouldnt be)... The ego of an african man is to provide for his family financially .. 

    5. Again dont expect him to do house chores.. This is the third time im saying this.. It is degrading for a Nigerian man to be expected to this .. He can decide to help you , He is only helping you out its not his role

    6. Stop believing a man who tells you he love you quickly.. Seriously... A typical nigerian woman is very hard to get.. We were brought up that way hence its abit funny to imagine how easily you believe some nigerian men

    7. Not all nigerian men are scammers.. Damn... Its just that the serious ones rarely approach white ladies.. 

    8. If you are one of the lucky 1% who finds a responsible Nigerian man who loves you pls  do not attempt to be the boss of the house, it never works, make your children learn his language, be respectful to your in-laws (his relatives ),expect to have cultural clash once in a while but if God is by your side your marriage will work.. Most nigerians are religious .. Nigerian women get up as early as 5 am, we cook breakfast ( eg rice  and other nigerian dishes ), we clean the house, prepare the kids for school , get ready to work, pray as a family, come back from work, pick up the kids, cook again and do other chores .. Are you really ready for that type of life? It is different to the type you are used to.. That is how nigerian women are groomed and that is what a typical nigerian man will expect because that is what he preceives as normal... There will be few exceptions though especially when dealing with nigerian men that were raised abroad.. They might not be so  typical but many will be.

    9. Being married to a nigerian man for 4 years is not enough to say he isnt with you for visa purpose.. I have seen a case of a man being married to an australian for 5 years before leaving her and getting married to a nigerian woman immediately

  • 10.. Please be wise and dont be easily decieved.. If you are not sure about him ask a HONEST nigerian woman she will tell you the truth. 

    11. Last but not the least, Nigerian men are famous for not wanting to marry a woman just because she already has a child unless something like death made her a single mum.. If you have reason to doubt a  nigerian man's true love for you and you already have a child, he is most likely a scammer 99.7%.
  • Funny Funny Funny,,
    Everyone is trying to protect the rich Aussie women from being scammed or used for visa scam.
    The right question should be what kind of western women go online to look for men? Mostly lonely, not very educated, overweight, older than 25 years lets face it a woman that will not generally appeal to western man as an ideal wife....this western women are just looking for a foolish black man who are mostly younger and poorer than them....This is what we call poverty love. A blackman that is desperate to get out of poverty says he love u a fat, older, less attractive white woman and u believe him? U must be alice in wonderland..... Please my african brothers who trade their souls for visa your eyes will open when u get to the western world only to realise that the old white woman u saw as a little God is one of the list attractive woman in that country u will pray your resident permit comes out fast the poverty love eyes will open and u will feel dirty and used by this older ugly white women....I have seen many guys brake down in tears after getting their resident permit and having children with women they taught they love, only to find out it was all poverty love....this poor african men start to hate the women and feel use and start maltreating their so called white savior. ..please white women stop taking advantage of poor younger african men. Why will any african man leave all the beautiful younger african women with the same culture to marry a older ,white ,uglier woman . The answer is poverty and resident permit. If your african man is already a permanent resident or a citizen of your country and as a job and he propose marrige then he truly loves u....but if u meet any I mean any african man online and he his not financially stable he needs a visa and poverty love will kick up his heart. Please stop loving guys from west africa with students visa in Malaysia they are all desperate africas looking for who to scam financially or with love and visa scam.
  • hi is anyone trying to apply for the partner visa off shore for their Nigerian husband? i'm currently in process and wondering how they are going with it???
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