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Can you travel to Hong Kong (China) and Manila (PI) if you PP expires in 3 months or less

edited October 2011 in Visa and Passport
Passport Expiration issue:
I booked a 1 week trip from SF (US) to Hong Kong and just realized that my Passport expires in February (13th).

My flight is to Hkg is on Nov 5th and then another flight (different airline) to Manila (Philippines) the next night (Nov 6th).

Return dates:
Nov 11: Manila to HKG
Nov 12: Hkg to US

Time between trip (#1) and PP expiration date: Nov 12 (return date of trip #1) to Feb 12 (PP expiration date) exactly 3 months.

But I also have 2 other international flights to HKG planned for November (reason for 3 trips in 1 month = taking advantage of Delta Skymiles promotion Detroit to HKG).

Must I renew my passport before going on these trips or can I wait until after I have completed these 3 short trips and do it then?
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