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weather and places to visit

edited October 2011 in - Turkey
My family including one 17year old and one 11yr both boys are going to Side for Christmas and new year what weather can we expect, will there be any jet skiing and quad biking activities? Thank you for any help


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    Last Christmas Day my husband and ? went for a walk along the beach - we were wearing light jumpers yet there were people sunbathing so ? guess it's what you are used to! ?t was sunny and clear but be aware nights will be pretty chilly so bring along sweatshirts or similar and long trousers.

    Sorry can't help with the jet skiing - it will probably depend on the weather.

    Side is great to explore with the ancient ruins. ? love Side!!! We visit whenever we can but have to live the other side of Antalya for our work.

    Have a great time
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    In winter, is cool in Turkey. Water skiing will not work. Or just in the diving suit. But well to visit the various attractions. Watch the videos here of some attractions in Turkey:
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