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Is it better to visit egypt with a tour company or alone ?

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Is it better to visit Egypt with a tour company or independent ?


  • It depends ....
    I would recommend a Travel Company but a reputable one. Let me know if you need help in picking up your agent or any further clarification. You can write to me at [email protected]

    Good luck
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    I am visiting Hurgahada in March next year 2 adults 2 children (7 & 5) I would like to take the children to Cairo to visit the pyramids, museum and also the Pharaonic village. I was wondering if I could book the internal flights myself and then get a driver to pick us up in Cairo and ferry us around for the day. Has anyone ever done this (could recommend a driver) or have any ideas / comments on my plan!
    Any info gratefully received
    Thank you very much
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    fi contact me i will help you
  • hi,it is better to have any tour guide with you or search and make out all the details about the places and the things in Egypt and then you will be feel fine if you want to go alone..
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    Hi Rami
    Which is the best way to get in contact with you?
    Kind Regards
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    Mahmoud Ramadan is THE BEST tour guide. Over the past year and a half I have been lucky enough to book many tours with him. The first trip was to the Pyramids. He did not rush us nor overload us with information. He had interesting stories and answers to every question we had, and didn’t make us feel silly for asking questions we should probably already know the answers to. He was willing to take as much time as we wanted at each stop to take pictures or a break (and some guides are not, they want to rush to the next destination). The next adventure was to Alexandria. He is so easy going and up for anything. He really listens to what you are asking and is willing to modify the trip as you go if necessary. Although I had been to the Cairo Antiquities Museum without a guide, I asked Mahmoud to take me again. The museum was much more interesting with a guide; I missed an entire wing of the museum before that! Mahmoud and I planned a weekend to the Black and White desert for camping. He was so patient with all the requests I had. The trip was completely successful, 12 people went and not one complaint! I really recommend a desert camping trip.
    I have had the experience of a guide that is not great. It completely changes the trip. I am lucky to have been with Mahmoud for so many adventures. The real reason Mahmoud is such a great guide is that he really likes his job. His eyes light up when he telling you about an exhibit.
    If you are coming to Egypt or are living here already, call Mahmoud Ramadan for a tour… you won’t regret it!

    Mahmoud Ramadan: +2 010 926 1543
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    Contact a tour company, that's my advice...
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    For me, Having a tour company will be the best decision since you have to know what is the place all about.
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    Cia my Friends
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    @ Egypttast yes it is more save to you this is first and what ever you want you can tell for the agent to make it

    @ Fi sure i can help you in this we have the A/C new Model can make the Child Tours also if there not important for guide we have the Tour leader who keep it from the airport to the Hotel then with every part during back to the Airport for the end of the tour

    @ rebaca if you dont wanna the information or details about everything you see isnt important cz with you the tour leader who explain you step by step your visit

    Cia Guys
  • I think its better to travel with a company because they guide you properly and you can enjoy your journey like to travel with a family.I traveled with many companies and we have a great fun on journey.Its depend on you what you want to decided that travel alone or with a company.Every one has its own mind.
  • Egypt is quite dangerous at the present time

    Tui Europes largest tour operator along with Thomas Cook Germany and other operators pulled out all tourists from Sharm El Shaikh, Hurghada and resorts in the Red Sea area in February 2014 due to the bombing of a bus where tourists were killed and injured.

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