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entering SA on uk passport with one way ticket is it allowed

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hi guys maybe someone can help,
i have a british passport. i am a duel citizen of both uk and SA. I did apply before i left SA 2 years ago for a full passport and left on A temp SA passport. how can i enter SA on a one way ticket as i never got my full passport and now they have lost the application and the ,money. typical SA .


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    If you have a UK passport did you not at some stage have a SA permanent residence stamp in that passport? If so, you can get back in to SA with that on a single ticket I would have thought. If you don't have the permanent residence stamp NOW in your current UK passport did you EVER have one? If so, you should still have a letter from Home Affairs granting you permanent residence status which in turn would have enabled you to get that all important stamp in your UK passport. Showing that letter to the immigration officer should get you through. Otherwise sorry I don't know how you can get in without a valid SA passport.
  • Hi Jay,

    You will have no problem leaving the UK on your British passport and entering SA on your SA passport (as you will know from earlier posts, it is an offence under SA law to enter SA on any passport other than your SA passport). When you leave SA you will show the SA immigration officer your SA passport. When the airline checks you they will need to see your British passport (because your SA passport will have no UK visa in it and the airlines are fined £10,000 if they fly someone to the UK if they don't have a visa).

    The UK immigration officers won't be concerned with your re-entering the UK on a British passport which does not contain overseas stamps. It really won't be an issue
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