Visiting Tunisia - advice on hotels and money exchange

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planning to visit tunisia in jan 2012---do you know the phebus hotel?is it safe to stay there-or what accomodation you recommend--where do i exchange my money for dinar?at the airport-carthage?and for the language do the people speak english-as i dont know french or arabic

thank you so much


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    Zet - where is the Phebus hotel located, which city? You can change money at the airport on arrival but you can also exchange at hotels/banks/bureaux des postes. We speak Arabic and French but in the very touristique areas they do speak English. Learn just a few words of either French or Arabic to greet and you will be met with smiles.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation here
  • zetzet
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    could you please assist me wrt the following:
    do i need a yellow fever injection for visiting tunisia from south africa?
    i book the hotel online at the phebus hotel and did receive a confirmation mail wrt my booking number
    We hereby confirm your modified booking. booking number 461728992
    this is the hotel information:Hotel information
    Hotel Phebus
    Address Les Cotes de Carthage Gammarth P.O.Box 598-2070
    Gammarth, 2070
    Phone +21671910010
    Fax +21671910070
    Travel information For personalized driving directions please go to
    Your reservation details
    Check-in Tuesday, 17 January 12, check-in 13:00 – 00:00
    Check-out Saturday, 28 January 12, check-out 12:00 – 13:00
    can i pay the hotel when i check inn-what the dinar amount-i only receive the ZAR amount

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    Hi Zet,

    You do not need any vaccinations to enter Tunisia.

    I don't know if you can pay at the hotel, you should check this with the booking site. Usually they ask for a credit card or other deposit but maybe the best is to check.

    I don't see any amount above but at the moment the ZAR1 will get you approx TD0.178. Our currency is divided into millimes and 1000 millimes is TD1.000

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