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Moving to India

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I have a low monthly income of about $550.00 and I'm considering moving to India in order to live cheaply. My question is, can I live in India on that amount of money per month? I'm thinking of moving to Varansai, India and my needs are very basic such as a small flat in a safe area, food, etc. Can anybody who is currently living in India give me any advice?



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    Visit for destination advice
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    $500 is good enough if you are planning Varanasi of some small town.
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    Well $550 is okay if you want to live in small towns. If you are single then the amount is more than enough. If you are with family then the situation can be a bit tight though absolutely manageable. It all depends on your lifestyle.
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    $550 Best price for Living in India. Its Depend your Style and your family member.
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    Thanks to the few people who have given me advice regarding living in India on $600 per month. I'm single and live a very modest lifestyle, and I'm not interested in living in a big city, so a rural community would work well for me. If anyone else has advice for living in India, please let me know.

    Thanks again,
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    this is suficent for travel in india and i m low budget rtavel agent in india spcl kolkata orrsa
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    $ 5500 is good enough to live in Varanasi.It is a small town.It depends on you & your family that what is your daily needs & your life style.If you are a simple person you can live here happily.
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    I suggest you have a look at the Moving to India guide.
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    You can also live in India and visit also. The room rent(2 bHK Flate) in top metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai would not be more than $ 200 and other all resources you can manage in $100.
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    Your amount is enough because India is cheap country other then other countries. Varanasi is best place in India.
  • You can easily survive with that amount in a small city. But be sure to stay at a safer and nice place
  • Its a very good idea. India is cheap. You can enjoy everything. But you must know hindi.  
  • The amount you have mentioned is enough and it completely depends on your lifestyle, need,requirements and no. of family members.
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