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women and running in Tunisia

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My 20 year old daughter will be doing a study abroad program for a month in Tunis, Tunisia. She is a long distance runner and needs to work out while in the country as she is a college athlete. Is is safe for a woman to run by herself in Tunis? If it is safe, where are the best routes for her to run? If she should not run in Tunis, then are there places where she can work out?

Thanks for any insight for this need.


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    redshaca - I would advise that she is very careful with this. there are gyms that she can go to which are women only. If she must run then she should do it with other women. She should definitely not wear short shorts or midriff baring tops. It's not a normal thing for women to run at all here unless they do it with a group.
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    Thank you. Could you possibly recommend some gyms in Tunis for women. I can't find these resources on the internet. Do any of the gyms have indoor tracks?
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    yea she should go to gym where only women are allowed and work out and run
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    Where is she going to stay. If she'll stay in down town or near there, there are gyms. For example, there is a gym called Sophonisbe in Carthage, California gym in La Marsa or Lac. Paladium el Kram.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. She is staying in the Al Marsa area and will need to walk or take public transportation to a gym. Is that the same as Al Marsa the same as la Marsa? California gym is her best option?
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