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Seeking desperate Immigration advice

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Need Desperate immediate advice(!) Can someone PLEASE help -as I would do for you.

Hello everyone, I enjoyed reading the comments on the 90/180 Schengen Rules. Thanks to all those great people here who patiently helped each other. But I unfortunately have an alarming surprise problem. Please read {& try to believe} my brief story:

I (an American citizen) have been living legally in Germany for 1.5 years through extended Visas from Job offer letters. 6 months ago I secured a one-year Visa due to a good job offer -but our local City Hall neglected to inform me for several months about that great permission to work -then it was too late the save my new precious job (My next Visa!). But I still have that 'available' German Work Permit to work only at a specific place as a specific technician until July 2012 but only IF I can produce such Job Offer Confirmation Letter before my current Visa is expired. Our local City Hall (here in Germany) did me an unusual favor by sitting on/delaying my Visa Extension paperwork until I found another Job (a rare favor, but I think due to their original mistake of not informing me until 4 months too late). My current Visa technically expired 2 months ago, but I was not made to feel uncomfortable about it by City Hall here in Germany, until now.

But now, after finally securing a 'similar' new technical Job through the same employment Service that I thought I had 'available' permission for -I was just now officially denied permission to work [that] job through the vermittlungsdienst (Temp. Agency). A foreigner can only work direct to a company, and the job letter must not say its a short-term or temporary job or it likely will not be approved.

Even worse (much worse?), our local City Hall writes me to inform me I am in the very next step toward being 'ordered' to leave Germany, OR, legally explain to them (Appeal) in writing why I should be granted a Visa Extension; why they should make a special exception for me. With this short notice I don't have enough time to find and consult any Immigration Attorney (I have only two working days left to 'Appeal' this and there are no 'real' Immigration Attorneys for several hours away).

I have absolutely NO Country to go 'home' to even though I'm American; it seems I was technically 'refused entry' into the US several years ago (but instead very, very traumatically/horrifically abused & highly traumatized for several painful days at the US Border instead of being let in to 'my home' Country) even though I have a perfectly valid US Passport and both of my Parents were born in the US, etc.,etc. Everyone, there ARE highly illegal and punishable things happening in the US now but just not to 'everyone', on 'some' of its 1st-class citizens - against its beautiful Constitution. I know most of you may find this pretty unbelievable but, dear friends on this message board, because of this I was horribly stranded in South America, where I was 'too white' & was always attacked by bandits -for two years, before an understanding European Human Rights advocate rescued me and flew me to Germany (where I once grew up) with agreed limited support. {**Btw, I have, indeed, officially complained about this to U.S. Congress, a State Governor, and the ACLU to no response yet.** Yes, I know, unbelievable -but true. But I don't want to make this the dialog here. I just need desperate, accurate advice as I would do for any of you}.

Now what shall I do? American is truly NO option and I have absolutely nothing there anymore & no family anymore there either.

My only known options would be to return to the 3rd-World South American country I was very painfully stranded in, or, I have an invitation by some unknown & supposedly 'understanding' Church in Russia to stay at a 'shelter' of some kind there -but I speak no Russian. I'm an athletic 51 year-old now, I'm naturally very tired/'war-torn' from this World (mainly from the US & South America), and I think starting my life over, again, at my tired age, in 'Russia' does NOT sound too viable (I'm only interested in having an 'honest' life). I still have dreams of raising a family in a Civilized & TRUSTWORTHY Country. I was rejoicing to God that I finally made it to one such civilized Country -Germany. Europe is not perfect, but its the best I've found after traveling much of the World in the last few years!

I can not afford to go and stay in expensive Hotels somewhere outside of the Schengen areas for 90 days, then return. I have a current Job Offer in Germany but the offer is only good for about 2 more months. I can 'apply' to be hired directly to that company, but just not through the private Employment Service I mentioned above. It seems there is not enough time to pursue an entirely new Germany Work Permit for my new Job Offer. I have extremely limited cash prohibiting me from any distant travel until I am legally working.

Oh, I'm also engaged to be married to my German Fiance -and I think it takes 2-5 months to be married in Germany because I don't have all my paperwork from a US Embassy yet, and, sadly, I was born in an EU Country that hates Americans (but unfortunately born by American Parents) without any 'Birth Certificate'. All I've ever had my entire life is a 'Certificate of Naturalization' (to the US) with my picture missing from it. Yikes! But I do have a valid US Passport which says I was born in a European Country -but I don't have any immediate Right to live there only because both of my Parents were Americans.

I finally started to be successful again here in Germany -and now I don't know what to do.

Can some kind, understand person please try to advise me with either: 1) what 'good reasons' are acceptable to our German City Hall so I might buy me some time [to complete my marriage here?], or, 2) where could I go for 90 days (technically 'outside' the Schengen area) where its not too far and where I could survive very, very cheaply (camp like I did in South America, or stay in some refugee shelter, or similar?) Is Andorra or Monaco possibly such a nearby non-Schengen place? (I think I could get to & from those nearby places cheaply anyway. I've heard of the eastern EU Countries can be cheap but I've never been there before (just like in dangerous South America) and I fear mainly trouble and/or more unprovoked violence because I'm a naive outsider.

Another question: How would Germany know I left & returned the Schengen States if there was nobody at that border crossing area to stamp my Passport?

Everyone, I would greatly appreciate any kind words and actual effective help -as I would do for you. I am extremely frightened to say the least!

Thank you for reading!


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    Why were you denied entry to the USA if you had a legitimate US passport?
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    Thanks for your interest David. As I mentioned in my original Post I really didn't want to make that the Topic and I hope that's not the only thing you are interested in. But to try to answer your question without inciting any future debate or off-topic comments:

    America does not obey their beautiful Constitution, but only to their convenience. I admit I'm now reasonably quite biased, but I feel a single honest person there has few or no Rights there anymore.

    The last time I tried to enter the US I was very shockingly abused & false imprisoned for days along with some other people whom I've never met before from various other flights. The US Border employees at that Airport also conveniently 'lost' my luggage and coldly laughed at me (I never saw my belongings again, and I was not allowed to complain about it except to 'fill out a Comment Card where there's no place to write any events nor write my name on (yes, really!). Some alarmingly unprofessional Border employee, apparently straight out of some Miami ghetto, very hatefully exclaimed to me that she does not have to let me through 'those doors' (pointing to freedom/US soil). I truly couldn't believe what I was seeing, hearing, and what many of us had greatly suffered. I was surprisingly 'nice' throughout the entire frightful ordeal until I finally demanded my Passport returned and threatened them with Police. Many other people where shrieking for a responsible Supervisor or the Police as well -to no avail.

    [That] is not letting their citizen' into her/his own Country. Personally after what seemed like several days of illegal 'punishment' with no toilet, no water, no 'Rights', etc., [after such bizarre, inexcusable trauma] what seemed actually most logical at that time was to finally demand my Passport returned to me (then I had intentions to somehow summons the local Police or a US Marshall through the Airline employees back at the Airline gates). But they had long-since caused me to miss all my connecting flights, I didn't have lots of extra money due to having to live off of a South American wage for the previous year, by then I desperately needed a shower, they kept us 'awake' for what seemed like days, and I was utterly exhausted and highly traumatized. When I got back to my Airline they were willing to just put me on the next flight back to where I came from in the next hour. After I finally made it back to the 3rd-World South American city I resorted to, I went almost straight to the nearest US Embassy to complain and/or press Criminal charges for what had happened at the US Border Airport. But they explained I 'would have to do that in the US'. Oh my God. I also asked for some kind of reimbursement for the flights & hotel reservations I was forced to waste, also to no avail.

    I did Officially complain in great detail to US Congress with a sworn, notarized statement, still to no response.

    Yes, this actually happened in the new 'America' where I had not been in many years. I am still in disbelief & shock today. Most people I tell this to think I must have caused the problem somehow when I certainly did NOT, I had my usual professional demeanor at the Airport until I could not humanly 'stomach' the abuse any longer.

    With all due respect here to everyone here I'm getting tired of re-baking this aging trauma over & over again. But please let it serve as my reason why to never go back what the US had turned into. I want to live an ambitious and honest life somewhere and it is no longer possible for me in the US anymore sadly.

    I believe most people who read this wouldn't imagine what to most logically do in such a highly traumatic ordeal as I suffered. I never imagined in my life demanding my Passport returned to me from America to go elsewhere. Furthermore, I personally cannot tolerate the Criminal-like dishonesty of the new America the last time I lived there, I have no family nor anything else left there anyhow. Going there for my possibly required 90 days is NOT an option.

    Back on topic please; I would greatly appreciate any kind, thoughtful advice to my new unexpected dilemma here. Does anyone know of any creative strategies on 'buying time' before I am officially notified to leave the Schengen states? For example: since they are not approving my work-permit for most Job Offers that I secure here, so can a foreigner offer to be an 'intern' or even a 'volunteer' at my current employer where I'm suddenly stopped from working? Or can a foreigner volunteer or be an intern anywhere else in Germany until I get my marriage paperwork acquired & processed?

    I would really appreciate any creative, good advice. I like to do the same for others when I can.

    Thank you for reading,
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