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what is Canadian Currency rate

edited November 2011 in - Tunisia
I am Canadian and sort of confused. I hear different stories about the Tunisian dinar. What is the exchange rate between Canadian dollars and Dinar? If I was exchanging $100 (for example) to Tunis Dinar, how much would I receive back?

I am told that it is very expensive to life in Tunisia? I also have read that people do not make a lot of money? For example, a Doctor may only make $800/month. Convert that to Canadian Dollars, how much would that be? If it's expensive to live there and people only make $800 or less, then how does one live?

A return plane ticket from Tunis to Canada, how much would that cost?

I do have a lot of questions but if someone could help me. I would be very happy. Thank you


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    raindrops2000 - you will have to look at the exchange rate on the internet for up to date rates. However, as a guide CAD1.00 will buy you around TD1.400, so if you wish to exchange $100 you will get approx TD140.000. Whoever told you that it is expensive here must never have been here. Foreigners can have a very, very good holiday here. It is very cheap in comparison to most other countries. As a guide I took a friend to lunch at a good seaside restaurant only yesterday, we had escalope which came with rice, vegetables and frites, plus a large bottle of water and cups of tea. This cost around TD10.000 each so CAD7.00 approx - is that cheap?? I can't answer your questions about wages it's like anywhere else, private doctor as opposed to public, but keep in mind that most people here live quite a simple life. We don't spend on alcohol, nightclubs etc etc. It's a different life here to the west. Most don't go out to eat often rather we spend time with our families and share meals that are home cooked. We don't have pre-packaged food, we actually go to the market and buy fresh (surprise!!) which is cheap and very, very good. We cook it ourselves which we enjoy doing. Entertainment is meeting friends in the coffee shop where we can sit for hours over one espresso (perhaps 800 millimes) and come home having had a great night. Ask your questions, I'm happy to give you all the information you like
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