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What documennts you need to apply for a Chinese visa

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Hello, I thought I'd start a disscussion page as many people are unaware of what documents to supply when appling for a Chinese visa.
Every different visa is different and specific to the applicants nationality. so in your questions please state your nationality.
One last thing, sorry about my spelling but im here to give good free advice and there is no spell checker.

So....any questions?


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    I am from India and planning to go China on & off for several trips. Can you help me with the procedure for a Chinese visa and how much will I have to spend on it. Also can you tell me how can I get a invitation from China for a vist
  • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. You will need a Valid UK residence permit with at least 6 months remaining before it expires. For several trips you will need a multi entry visa, You can apply using the regular 4 day service or using the rush sameday service. The price for a multi entry visa varies depending where you go to obtain your visa. If you go direct to the visa centre you will be looking at about £100, If you used a service like mine with good advice you would pay about £136.
    An invitation letter can be obtained by asking your inviter in China for a letter on headed paper showing your name and passport number. It must also be signed or stamped,preferably both. I can help you with this if you wanted...... If you need more advice dont hesitate in contacting me, 0161 870 9048
  • We now have a New website for all your China visa needs, we've made it easier for all our customers. The website now has a instant chat feature so you can get help any time. We've created easy sections so it is less confusing.
    Take a look at how easy applying for a Chinese visa can be.
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    China Visa Bureau's new phone number is 0161 260 0335
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