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do they speak english in paraguay

edited November 2011 in South and Central America
I know they mostly speak Spanish in paraguay, but are there any areas where English is spoken? I'm planning on going there on a backpacking trip through South America, but for that part I will be apart from my Spanish-speaking friend. Will I be okay in Paraguay speaking only English?


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    I was born and raised in Paraguay, lived there for 12 years. Unfortunately, there are no places where English is spoken. There are 2 official languages, Spanish and Guarani so if anything, depending on where you go while being there, people might speak Guarani. I go there every year to visit too and I've forgotten many words in Spanish so I use English (depending on where I am) and some people do understand. The US embassy is in the capital, Asuncion, so you could always contact them and they'll be glad to provide you with some assistance or more answers in regards to this matter. It's a great country, tiny but it's really nice.
  • Hi, am living in Paraguay from 97, and as furil said, it's a nice country. Although we are not native english speakers, my wife and I belong to a small group that speak english. You can contact me by mail if you want to contact this group.
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