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Is it safe to travel in Egypt?

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I would like to view the pyramid and see the beauty of the place and its people.


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    Hi there,

    Right now there is a travel warning for parts of Cairo, including the Egyptian Museum. There are riots and protests in Tahrir Square that have turned violent as Egyptians protest the military council that has hijacked the government.

    The rest of the country seems to be relatively calm for the moment, including the resorts like Sharm-el-Sheikh. If you're very excited about Egyptian antiquities however, it might be a better idea to wait until the political situation has resolved itself.
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    Hi Biz. There is a very helpful article you can read on the subject here It is from a company called beat the brochure and should help answer your concerns. As Anya K says, there are some concerns in certain areas, but resorts like Sharm el Sheikh are fine to still visit.
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