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Transit visa question for Mexico

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Hi All,

I found this platform is a place where i can clear my doubts regarding the transit visa details and requirements for an Indian passport holder. let me ask the questions in a simple way, that i presume the members are here to help me out in that concern..

1)- Passenger travelling to Mexico, with valid Mexican business visa and transiting in Europe cities namely, CDG (Paris), LHR( London) and FRA (Frankfurt) less than 7 hours, do they need a tranist visa, if yes which visa would be required? or any schenghen visa would help the passenger to have a NO-Difficulty travel or particular country visa should be obtained for the country which the passenger transit?


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    Friends.... Appeciate your quick intervention on this !!!!
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    Why are you transitting in 3 European airports en route to Mexico?
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    Thanks for looking in to my concern, he/She is not transiting to all three cities, probably traveler may have a stop either in CDG, LHR or FRA depends up on the airlines which they chose,deeply concerned about the visa details so plan the travel accordingly.
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    GUYS.. Any answers on this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Rijesh - is she passing through immigration, or just transiting to the next flight connection? If the former, then she needs a Shengen visa
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    David- she is taking only transit not passing the immigration....

    Am a travel agent and working here in India, just would require help of you guys, so that i can educate the people who are travelling to overseas destination with out hassle...I have issued a ticket for an associate and the traveler has been denied boarding for nt holding the schengen visa ....( thugh transiting time in CDG aiport was only 3 hours traveller was not allowded boarding here in India.)

    i would seriously require your help, would you be able to help me in this regard???
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    Rijesh - I would best recommend that you contact our Visas supplier who are expert on the subtleties of these issues... Sorry I can't be of more specific help.
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