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Visas obtainable at border

edited December 2011 in Africa
Hi there,

My fiancee and I (we are Australian and Swedish) are going on a 2 month tour through eastern and southern Africa. We will be visiting the following countries:

Kenya (2 times, via flight from copenhagen and then back from Uganda)
Uganda (2 times, from Kenya and then back from Rwanda)
South Africa

We have heard that you don't need to get visas for all of them before hand (apart from Rwanda for my Fiancee), and we would very much like some advice on which need visas before entry:

Kenya - We both need multiple entry as we enter country twice? Can we get at border?
Uganda - Same as Kenya, can we get at border?
Rwanda - I do not require Visa but my partner has to get it beforehand?
Tanzania - We both need Visas, can we get at border?
Malawi - We both do not need visas
Zambia - We both need visas, can we get at border?
Botswana - We both do not need visas
Namibia - We both do not need visas
South Africa - We both do not need visas.

I would be very glad to receive any enlightenment on this!

Thank you
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