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A2 Family Visa- Canadian born-daughter of Cuban National

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Hi all!

Canadian-born daughter of Cuban National (Residing in Canada, with Canadian Citizenship). He will be of course, travelling with a Cuban passport and the two year documentation thing.. not sure what its called. Anyways, we will be staying in Havana Viejo at the house of my half-brother. It is my first trip to Cuba!

Question: What is the deal with the a-2 family visa? Do I simply change the Cuban tourist card over at the airport in Cuba or what?

I have had two different answers from two embassies of Cuba- one that I must apply beforehand, pay $128, etc etc. Other one said simply to change over to a "family visa" once there.

Getting nervous as the reply re: applying beforehand just came in and I'm due to leave December 18th, 2011! Would very much appreciate some advice!!


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    The Cuban Consulates in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal) don't know their left hand from their right hand, so forget about any accurate information from them. The Cuban Tourism Board in Toronto is just as bad.

    Do not apply for the A2 in Canada if for no other reason than you do not want to give your Passport away this close to your departure date. The quote of $128 is stupid expensive too.

    Your brother in Havana should be arranging all this beforehand. It's a very straightforward process but the hassle does vary slightly depending on whether he's "connected" or not.

    To be on the safe side have your brother reserve a legal casa particular in the neighbourhood for your first night. The next day go to the Bank and purchase the stamps that you'll require to purchase the A2. Your brother will know how much this costs, last I heard it was 40 CUC. Then, go to the Immigration office with all your documentation... Passport, Tourist Card, address of the casa particular where you're staying, airline tickets, bank stamps and with your brother there as well you'll be able to arrange the A2.

    Have fun.

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