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is there good game viewing in Mozambique, can you go on safari?

edited December 2011 in - East Africa
we are going on a beach holiday to Mozambique and I am wondering if it is possible to go on safari in Mozambique - is there nay good game viewing? I cant see any big game parks - do you have to go to the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Kruger in SA?


  • This is no doubt a bit late for Jason, but for those interested in game viewing and safaris in Mozambique there are two wonderful wildlife parks in the country: Gorongosa National Park was once one of the richest wildlife reserves in Africa and after years of civil war and poaching is seeing a wonderful revival of late, with wildlife pouring back into the park and tourist infrastructure being rapidly rebuilt; Niassa Game Reserve is a massive park (roughly the size of Denmark) in northern Mozambique which is largely unspoiled wilderness and offers great scope for adventure. Parks tend to close down during the worst of the rainy season (often between December and April) because the roads become impassable.
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