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What is the best Mosquito repellant?

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What is the best Mosquito repellant to take when going on holiday? I remember something called Jungle Formula - do they still sell this? I want to get some super-strength stuff. Also anyone got suggestions for other prevention - should we eat loads of garlic, drink gin and smoke a lot? Can I buy mosquito repellant in Heathrow airport?


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    I think Peaceful Sleep works wonders, but in others I know swear by Tabard. To be honest, it's one half dozen or another. They all smell like the inside of hospital...
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    the best mosquito repellant is Bushmans. It is easily bought in pharmacies all around Australia. I do not know if it is sold overseas.
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    I recommend Jungle Formula, but nothing works better than a good mosquito net and long clothing! Jungle Formula Extra Strength Liquid contains 50 percent DEET; The best insect repellents contain DEET (diethyltoluamide) although this shouldnt be used for children and some adults can also get allergic reactions from Jungle Formula. The repellent works for up to ten hours. Boots the Chemist make their own mosquito repellent/ killer which is plugged in and used liquid pesticide. Only for use on small enclosed spaces, but not in kitchens or air conditioned rooms.
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