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When is the best time to go to Tenerife, to visit the Canary Islands

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when is the best time to visit the canary islands? I am doing some holiday planning and would like to know the best time to go to Tenerife? Is the weather good in January/February, what about the summer months, is it too hot then? Is there a wet season?


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    Winter is the most popular time to visit the Canary Islands (including Tenerife). The weather is lovely and warm, but not baking hot. You will wear shorts in the day but will need a sweater at night. End of November and early december is a good time to go as it is before peak season and you can pick up bargains, but the weather is still glorious. Weather-wise Tenerife is really lovely go visit any time of year.
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    I'm from Tenerife and for me the perfect months are May and June. Weather is great and it's low season, so the prices for accomodation are inexpensive and beaches aren't crowded as in summer time, also September and before Xmas is a good time
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    You can have a look at the site on Weather in Tenerife for a full month-by-month breakdown of the weather in Tenerife and the best time to go.
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    As mentioned before, Normally best to do it during the months of April, May, September and October. This allows you to avoid the snow and the scorching heat so you get a nice balanced temperature. If you want to get more information, take a look at <a for more in depth guides.
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    You can have a look at the guide to Tenerife for a complete travel guide to Tenerife, including what to see, what to do and the best time to go.
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    The best time to visit the Canary Islands is anytime. The Canary Islands enjoys year-round sunshine with daily summer temperatures averaging 27°C and peaking around 30°C during the warmest months of July and August.

    In summer, hot, dry air blows from the Sahara desert bringing with it these warmer temperatures.

    Winter sees occasional stormy wet periods with temperatures in January and February averaging 17°C. Water temperatures hover around 18ºC in winter and 22ºC in summer.

    Typically, the weather in the Canary Islands varies from the north to the south. The northwest coasts of the islands are often cooler and wetter than the south coasts, which are exposed to hot, dry winds blowing across the Atlantic Ocean from the African continent.
    As a result, the flora and fauna can also vary from north to south: the northerly coasts are luscious while the southern coasts are typically dry and arid. In winter, you can experience beach weather in the south but you may need a light sweater in the north.
  • Well Lanzarote is a great Canary Island and lovely weather. You can get an overnight ferry from Lanzarote to Tenerife. And Lanzarote is good most of the time but a bit of rain during Jan-March. Other than that its great. Let me know if you need more information. 
  • Winter and summer months are the busiest seasons, so I would suggest visiting Tenerife in spring and autumn. We went there a few years ago in May and it was lovely. Roughly April to October is the best time for beach holiday, including natural rock pools (mmm, great memories!). You might want to avoid Easter holidays as accommodation prices go up and flights are usually more expensive. I found some nice websites with seasonal tips when planning our trip back then, maybe you'll find them useful and inspiring too:
    1. - seasonal experiences, weather, and crowds info for Tenerife
    2. Spain-Tenerife portal - info on best time to visit + practical tips including visa and getting around
    3. Travel US News - great selection of seasonal experiences and events for the Canary Islands
    All in all, whenever you go to Tenerife, you will have a great time! One of my favourite places on Earth :)
  • Spring and fall seasons are known as the best time to visit the Canary island. In this time, you can enjoy the same pleasant weather as the peak seasons without tourist crowds.
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