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When is the best time to go to the Caribbean

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are there any experts out there who can advise me on the best time to go to the Caribbean? when is hurricane season, when is the wet season and are there times during the year when it is cheaper to visit the Caribbean on holiday?
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    That depends a bit on where in the Caribbean you want to visit. The peak holiday season in the Caribbean is from mid-December until after New Year but the high season continues until April. These winter months are not only the most popular time to visit the Caribbean but the weather is also the best - the temperature rarely drops below 70'F and the rainy season and hurricane season are over by December. The shoulder seasons are during the spring and autumn (the fall) when prices are cheaper but weather is still generally pretty good. The exception is during the Easter holidays and spring break (April, but check dates), when many resorts are packed particularly in Puerto Rico, Aruba, Jamaica and the US Virgin Islands. The low season is over the summer months (July, July and August) but the weather can still be good although some smaller resorts use this off-peak time to do maintenance work. You can get tropical storms over the summer months but they usually pass quickly - the hurricane season starts in around September and runs until April. But remember that although Hurricanes are well reported the Caribbean is a big place and most islands are rarely hit by hurricanes. So in summary any month can be a good time to visit the Caribbean and there are benefits of each season.
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