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Traveling to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

edited December 2011 in Middle East
Hello- I am considering going to Saudi to visit my father (who is American). He has lived and worked in the Kingdom for 5 years, and has never had the slightest problem. Myself, being a blue-eyed, blonde, does raise some flags. I would want to start my travel in the early part of June and stay through August. Would it be safe traveling alone? Would there be problems when I got into the Kingdom?

Any comments would be very helpful.. Thanks in advance.


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    You do not need to be concerned about your level of safety in Saudi Arabia, even as a single, American traveller. The nation takes its mandate from Islamic law, and thus the consequences attached to committing a crime are intimidating enough to prevent pervasive crime. Furthermore, though the perceived threat of terrorism is high, in the past tourist and travellers have not been affected. If you are a woman you will not be able to do the travelling you're speaking of, though. Not to mention, tourist visas are not easily granted for entrance to the KSA, unless organised by a larger body.
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    I'm from Saudi Arabia
    First please please into account the different cultures you're from west and we're from east OK !!
    Saudi Arabia is safe don't worry all time . that good you have engilsh becase in Riyadh we speak Arabic and English.
    If you have any problems please writ your comment
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    Stephanie K is right... tourist visas for Saudi Arabia are very hard to come by, although your father living in Saudi Arabia may help you there. As a woman travelling alone you may encounter difficulties and find many places closed to you. Would your father be able to accompany you on some of your travels?
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    HI everyone, I have a question regarding travelling from Dammam (w/c is my current place of work) going to Riyadh. Is it possible for me to go to Riyadh alone. I will be getting married in the Philippine Embassy and my manager who is an INdian doesnt know if this is possible. If it is possible then how will it be, what should I do! please help me..
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    my passport is expired this month it is ok i will renew it on next year 2013
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