Guatemala weather, supplies to bring??

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Hi All,
I am traveling to Guatemala in January and February (starting off in the Yucatan and Tulum), a solo female, and I was wondering about the weather and what kind of supplies I should bring. I plan on traveling all over the country, but I know around the Highlands and Lake Atitlan, it can get a little chilly. Should I bring a sleeping bag?? Is there warm stuff that I can buy there? How prepared should I be/what kind of stuff should I take? And if you have any other suggestions about amazing places to go or see, please let me know. Also, I wanted to get to Costa Rica, and I noticed flights were a little pricey. Do you think it's worth it, or should I try bussing around through a few countries?? It'd be an adventure, great places to see I'm sure, but I'm looking for any suggestions or thoughts on it.
Thanks sooo much!

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