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Pakistani passport expired in the UK

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Hi ,
I've been living in UK for almost 5 years . I have indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I have a Pakistani passport, and it has been expired for two months, plus I started studying again last year, and I'm a full time student now . I was under the impression that I don't need to renew my passport because I have an indefinite leave to remain in this country . But recently I randomly mentioned to someone that I might need a valid passport. My question is do I have to up date my passport? Is there any other institute ID except passport? I don't want to travel anywhere, Ijust want to make sure I am not creating any trouble for myself.


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    It's always best practice to have a valid passport as a foreign citizen living abroad. I would recommend renewing your passport at the Pakistani consulate, but making sure you can keep the old passport, which I assume has your valid visa inside of it. Then if you do need to travel or to register for anything that requires you to show valid identification. You can show them the valid passport, and the visa in the old passport. Don't let the consulate take your old passport with your visa in it away. They should just punch holes in it, or do something to make sure that you can't use it again, but they should let you keep it.
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    thx . do you know if i can get a loan to apply for British citizenship as I am a full time student and living with indefinite leave from last 5 years in uk. I know i can apply for citizenship but the thing is its bit expensive for me .
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    Yes, keep your old passport with you and contact the pakistani visa consulate. It will help you a lot. Stephaniek is absolutely right.
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    thx guys , I already spoke direct with immigration advisory service and they said , I don't need a new passport if I don't want to travel .so its up to me . advisor explain further that all my rights in this country is bcz of indefinite status . I am absolutely fine in side the country but yes if i wan tto go out then i have to up date my passport .
  • Hi I'm in uk since past 5 years and i have indefinite stay but my passport and I D card expired last year. now I want to travel to pakistan. Can i travel with expired passport and will renew from pakistan or do i need new passport to travel
  • Sarashah you cannot travel on an expired passport you need to apply for a new Pakistan passport.

    If you have a UK residence permit showing you have Indefinite Leave to Remain, you must travel with this also. If your Indefinite Leave to Remain visa is the old style and is inside your expired passport you must attach the old passport to the new passport so that British immigration will see imediately you can enter the UK lawfully.

    Your Pakistan shanati card (ID card) must be renewed in Pakistan.
  • thnx for ur help but can i renew my passport without renewing the id card bcoz passport renewal application need copies of id card?
  • After speaking to the Pakistan Consulate today (something you could have done) You need to apply for a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis or NICOP these are issued to facilitate the expatriate Pakistanis. This card is an identification document usable in place of Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) or Shanahti Card.

    The information for NICOP and how to apply for one can be found here.
  • Hi there pakistani consulate bradford don't answer the phone I'm trying since one week. i understand your point that i can't travel with expired passport but im sorry I'm still confused about ID card becaus I heard that NICOP card i don't need new passport. My problem is need to travel pakistan emergency but my passport and Id card both expired what shell do first of all. Thnx and looking forward for your help.
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    I heard that NICOP card i don't need new passport.
    This is not true. You need a passport to be able to travel. You cannot leave the UK without a passport. The NICOP is only valid in Pakistan.

    If you had read the Iink I posted to NADRA you will see you must contact the Bradford Consulate by email [email protected] You need to contact them, arrange your ID card and then your passport.
  • thanx alot for ur help
  • Hi, i m living in UK from last 4 years. My student visa and my Passport both Expired Now. Which way I can get renew my passport so I can apply for an other Visa Application.
  • You need to attend the Pakistan High Commission in London or a Pakistan Consulate in your area to renew your passport.

    The problem is you are now an overstayer and illegal in the UK as your student visa has expired. You will not be granted another student visa as you are now illegally in the UK. Also you may have difficulty in obtaining a full Pakistani passport as the Pakistan High Commission do not tolerate people remain illegally in the UK. They will provide a travel document for you to return home.
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    You will be able to enter Pakistan as this is your home country. While you are in Pakistan you will need to make a new passport and use that new passport together with your old passport , to re-enter the UK.

    If you have an indefinite leave to remain visa in your old passport yoIu must keep both passports together.
    Better still can't you get a new passport before you travel.

  • My 7 year daughter is UK national with Pakistani origin . Her passport is expired. She is going to visit to grant parents. I want to renew her computerised passport.i want to book an appointment.
    Farooq mir
    83 Leslie rd nottingham
    NG7 6 PQ
    Mobile: 07753102166
  • Contact your embassy.

  • ahmedqaser, if your childs British passport has expired follow these instructions

    If you want a Pakistani passport go to the nearest Pakistan Consulate.
  • Hi. My passport is about to expire in two months time I don't want to renew my Pakistani passport so can I apply for citizenship. I have been told by some people that you should apply for citizenship 6 months before your current passport expires.
  • Why would you allow your passport to expire in the middle of a citizenship application?

  • You're trying to apply for UK citizenship @fiz22? I'm not sure what exactly the rule is for passport validity but I will say that the process for becoming a UK citizen is time-consuming even if you fulfill all the stringent requirements - you won't be able to do it in two months. I would suggest renewing your Pakistani passport and then making your application for UK citizenship.
  • Actually a foreign passport does not have to be valid for British Citizenship application. If you have the correct documents and have passed the required language and Life in the UK tests, citizenship applications can be completed in less than six months.

    To be able to apply for citizenship an applicant would have been on a minimum six year journey which would have been documented fully by the Home Office, including biometrics, which identify a person far better than a passport.
  • Okay interesting. So I guess it depends on whether you need to travel or not in the next six months or so - if you will be travelling you need to renew your passport, if not don't bother. As Alethia says though, there are lots of hoops to be jumped through before that application even gets made - I know people who technically qualify for citizenship who have had to fight for it for much longer than six months. Good luck.
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    "I know people who technically qualify for citizenship who have had to fight for it for much longer than six months."

    Thats because they did not have me as their lawyer !! Ella your right if they need to travel then they will need the foreign passport to be valid.
    Once all the ducks are in a row a citizenship application in the UK can take less than six months , I have clients whose applications have been processed in eight weeks.
  • I just can't imagine why anyone would allow a passport to expire under any circumstances, that's just me...

  • I see it all the time Terry, not only do people allow their passport to expire, but they loose passports and think nothing of it and do nothing about it.
  • thank u everyone:)
  • Hello,

    Could any one answer my query please as I am really worried

    I'm EEA family member living in UK since Sep 2005 and I am a Pakistani national. I am about to apply for UK citizenship and have notice that my Pakistani passport has expired 4 days a go I am going to renew my passport tomorrow. My only concern is would this thing affect my citizenship application when I apply in near future.

    I will appreciate your honest reply

  • It will not affect your British citizenship application at all.
  • Dear Alethia,

    Thank you very much

    Best Wishes,
  • Hi there,
    I'll be arriving at UK by mid of September as an international student. I'm currently living in UAE. Problem is, my Pakistani passport will expire on the 27th of December (when I'll be in the UK). My question is, am I able to renew my passport after I come to UK or if you'll recommend me to renew the passport before making a visa application.
  • Can someone help please.......

    My sister in law arrived in Australia on a temporary but indefinite visa from pakistan. Her passport is now expired but she has made a NICOP card recently. She doesnt have visa sticker in her expired passport as recently Australian Govt issue electronic visas and also issue you with visa grant letter. I understand she can travel to Pak with NICOP but what about on exit from Pak, How can she get the exit stamp while she has her NICOP with her?
  • You should apply for a new Pakistani passport before you make the visa application as you have insufficient validity for a visa to be granted,
  • Hi Alethia,

    MY brother is on Tier 2 (General visa-5 years) at the moment (Pakistani National) and his wife (Pakistani National) is on Tier 2 dependent visa (in London) and they are expecting a baby in September.

    My question is when the baby is born in UK in the above case, will the child would get the British citizenship straightaway? if not what would be the status of the Child.

    Appreciate your reply thank you :)
  • Hello guys, Hope everybody is fine.
    Just wanna ask a quick question if any one can help me out in this regard?
    My question is
    I am a Pakistani passport holder. How long ago can i renew my passport before it's expiry.

  • For simple Passport/Visa questions it is always better to go directly to the source: Passport.aspx#Validity

    As you'll see, "... Under Passport & Visa Manual 2006, there is no restriction for renewal of passport before its expiry. Passport having full validity of 5/10 years can be issued to the applicants even if existing passport has not completed its validity. However, a statement mentioning the reason for obtaining a new passport before its expiry may be obtained from the applicant. The existing passport may be cancelled and returned to the applicant..."

  • Hi ya!

    I am renewing my pakistani passport and have been informed that this it has to be machine readable passport as they are stopping the circulation of manual passport. On my appointment everything was fine, however they pointed out that my Ilr doesn't seems to have my surname on it, nobody has pointed this out ever I travelled so many times and have renewed my manual passport 3 times already ever since I have been in UK. The person in Pakistan embassy said that he is proceeding with my passport application however he requires a letter from Ukba or British counselate stating that it is fine for me to travel on this visa even if my name doesn't match. My question is how come all of a sudden it is a problem, as no one ever questioned before when Irenewed my passport. He has also asked me to bring this letter or email at time of collecting my new passport. Can someone help please and advise what I should really do in this case.
  • Is your visa in your passport or do you have a biometric residence card? How long have you had ILR?. Do you have the original ILR letter from the Home Office ?
  • Hi I'm on tier 4 visa in UK I have sent my application for extension last year ,my case is still in court .My previous passport expired on 13,Dec is it possible I could renew my passport without having a visa card
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    I doubt very much if the Pakistan High Commission will issue you a passport without a visa, they can be very difficult

    Do you have a copy of your expired passport and is your Pakistani ID card up to date. If you have these documents and your Home Office and appeal letters go to the Pakistan High Commission in London and request a new passport.

    I am told by clients that the Pakistan Consulate in Birmingham will not help and clients claim the Consulate workers have asked for large sums of money to issue a passport over and above the passport fee.
  • "... and clients claim the Consulate workers have asked for large sums of money to issue a passport over and above the passport fee..."

    Unfortunately they act the same abroad as they do at home...

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