Pakistani passport expired in the UK

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Hi ,
I've been living in UK for almost 5 years . I have indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I have a Pakistani passport, and it has been expired for two months, plus I started studying again last year, and I'm a full time student now . I was under the impression that I don't need to renew my passport because I have an indefinite leave to remain in this country . But recently I randomly mentioned to someone that I might need a valid passport. My question is do I have to up date my passport? Is there any other institute ID except passport? I don't want to travel anywhere, Ijust want to make sure I am not creating any trouble for myself.


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    It's always best practice to have a valid passport as a foreign citizen living abroad. I would recommend renewing your passport at the Pakistani consulate, but making sure you can keep the old passport, which I assume has your valid visa inside of it. Then if you do need to travel or to register for anything that requires you to show valid identification. You can show them the valid passport, and the visa in the old passport. Don't let the consulate take your old passport with your visa in it away. They should just punch holes in it, or do something to make sure that you can't use it again, but they should let you keep it.
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    thx . do you know if i can get a loan to apply for British citizenship as I am a full time student and living with indefinite leave from last 5 years in uk. I know i can apply for citizenship but the thing is its bit expensive for me .
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    Yes, keep your old passport with you and contact the pakistani visa consulate. It will help you a lot. Stephaniek is absolutely right.
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    thx guys , I already spoke direct with immigration advisory service and they said , I don't need a new passport if I don't want to travel .so its up to me . advisor explain further that all my rights in this country is bcz of indefinite status . I am absolutely fine in side the country but yes if i wan tto go out then i have to up date my passport .

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