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Pyramids and other ancient egypt historical places

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I am an Aussie and my husband and I are coming to Cairo Egypt on Dec 28 for four days and we really want to see some of the historical places ie the pyramids?
I saw that some places like the museum will be closed?
Where can I find out what is safe and what is unsafe to visit???
Thanks for your help
Starting to feel a bit anxious about our trip now the riots started back up!


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    Hi ,
    All the historical places in Egypt are safe for tourists to visit. All the problems and troublesome situations are only in downtown ( in El – Tahrer square and some streets near it). Also, the Egyptian museum is not closed, I am an Egyptian tour guide and I was there today. The Egyptian museum only changed it's opening times. At first it was open from 9 am to 6 pm, but now it’s open from 9 am to 4 pm.
    But to be sure that you are safe during your stay in Egypt, you should not visit the historical places or go by yourself. You should go with a tour guide , so if something happened he can deal with it and make you safe.
    If you want more information or help , please contact me ( [email protected] )
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    Egypt is famous in the world for historical pyramids.
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    yes james is right
  • it is safe to visit egypt you just contact me at [email protected] and we will arrange it with the best service and also cheapest price 
  • Egypt is picturesque, puzzling and loaded in historic connotation. Egypt is well-known for its pyramids, enormous golden deserts, and luminous River Nile. It gives a striking disparity to the eternal deserts, there are many striking spots in Egypt e.g. temple complex in Luxor, sandy beach of Sharm Al Shaikh , old Egyptian City Cairo and many more.
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