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What do i need to go to Egypt

edited December 2011 in - Canada
I'm a Canadian and i have a Canadian passport and i want to got to Egypt in a vication to see some friends in Egypt what do i need to go do i need a Visa or i can use my Canadian passport


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    Hello, Good Day..
    I am a Filipina who wanted to visit Egypt to see their historical places, i will just stay for maximum of 10 days, do i have to get a Visa or i can have it upon arrival in Egypt?
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    Hi - both Canadian and Philippino passport holders can get a visa on arrival - I believe it stil costs $15.
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    I've never traveled before but want to go Cairo Egypt. I from Southern Africa. What do I need. What are the important things that I need to take into consideration.
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    Hi I'm Filipina do and I have a Philippine passport,I want to go to Egypt to visit my boyfriend,I will stay for 7 days, do I need to get visa?
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