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when is the best time to visit kuwait?

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please answer!


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    the best time to come to kuwait is when its summer for swimming . you dont want to come at winter trust me except at February 24 to 28 because you will have lots of fun with fire works and in malls especially your children will have fun and 25 and 26 of february is the national and liberation days of kuwait.
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    Well- I'd suggest you visit Turkey instead of Kuwait........ You will LOVE it-- go to south like Fethiye- Antalya etc
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    Having a desert climate, it can get rather unpleasantly hot in Kuwait during summers, the sun is scorching, you should be carefull in avoiding it as much as possible. so its best to visiti it around winters between November up to April when the days are pleasant and the nights much cooler:)
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    The best timing which suited me were the months of Nov n Dec, start of winters.
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    The India and Asia can't be same, Asia is big and India is a part of Asia. If you want to go to India than winters is the most suitable time because the normal climate of India is hot, further information will be provided once you let us know about specific destination.
  •  In November to April is the best time to visit Kuwait there day temperatures come down to 18º C and nights are colder. If you are visiting in summer, it is important to stay away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Sunstroke, severe sunburn and dehydration are potential hazards. Drink a lot of fluids to make up for the vital body salts you will lose through perspiration. Initially, you will feel fatigued and even drowsy on occasions until your body adjusts to Kuwait’s summer. A prickling sensation on the skin and abnormal fatigue usually means dehydration and must be treated immediately.
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