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best plan to travel form Munich to Italy

edited January 2012 in - Italy
Hi friends,
I was planning to fly to Italy in the end of February (22 Feb) from Munich. I plan to visit the main cities, which appear to be Venice, Florance, Rome, and Pisa. First of all, would it be more convenient to get a one way ticket to Rome from Munich and then begin to travel towards North with train and then go back to Munich from Venice? I have no idea about the train rates, but a one way ticket and a two way flight ticket have them same price!
So I should either get a one way ticket to Rome, and get back to Munich from Venice, or return the whole way from Venice to Rome to catch my return flight. Does any body have any idea which one would be cheaper?
second, what should be the priorities of cities to visit? I mean, how many days should I spend in each, what is the best way to get to each one, and in which order do I visit them. Meanwhile I appreciate for tips for special places in each city.

thank you very much in advance for your help.

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