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temporary passports and traveling to california to get on a cruise liner

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Good Day

I am going on a cruise for 14 days on the Queen Victoria and would like to know if a temporary south african passport will be accepted, I need to travel from New Zealand, but do not have a permanent south african passport. My son has a New Zealand passport, so what visa's do we require. The cruise if from Los Angles to Hawaii and the corresponding islands, then Mexico city and back to LA to fly back to NZ. This request if urgent as I need to know what I need as the cruise is from the 14 February 2012.

Thank you


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    To my knowledge a Temp South AFrican passport is not accepted by US immigration. Moreover you need to get a visa prior to departure, so visit the US consulate in New ZEaland without delay to confirm the status of your passport and whether or not they will place a visa in it.
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