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entry visa to Egypt

edited January 2012 in Visa and Passport
iam european citizen from Finland, and iam attending to visit Egypt at the end of this month January 2012, can i still optian my visa upon arrival in Cairo airport? or do i have to apply for a visa before i travel to Egypt? please help me to get the right answer. thank you


  • Hello Mr happy
    No Visa required to be obtained to visit Egypt for the moment .American or European tourists can visit Egypt without a need for a visa.
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    im a bulgarian citizen and im going to egypt for a visit do i have to apply for visa or i can take it on arrival in airport plz help , thank u
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    Actually you will find the visa for many nationalities is issued upon arrival; usually costing $15 however it depends who you buy it from at the airport.

    If you are flying directly into Sharm El Sheikh or Taba, then you will not need a visa for a one or two weeks stay. If you plan to visit anything outside these resorts or stay longer, then a visa on arrival is required.
  • Most nationalities (not all) can obtain a tourist entry visa at any of the major ports of entry to Egypt. However, a foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, e.g. work, study, etc. is required to be in possession of a pre-arrival visa. Visas may be obtained from Egyptian diplomatic and consular missions abroad. Check with the nearest Egyptian consulate for specific details and regulations relevant to your nationality.
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