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Best holiday resorts in Turkey

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hi can anyone recommend a good Turkey Resort... these are the things that we looking for

good for child age 6, kids club, shallow/kids pool with small slides etc, playpark, maybe bigger slides for us adults, all inclusive, good intertainment day/night, other activities to do duing the day.

i wouldnt want to spend much more than £3000 for 3 of us. it will be our first holiday abroad so dont want to be dissapointed. would even think of other places but not any of the spanish resorts. thanks


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    Have a look at the WOW (World of Wonders) resort in Bodrum. Well it is actually in Gumbet a 10 minute bus ride from Bodrum. It always has excellent reviews and feedback. You can check out the reviews on Tripadvisor.

    As I live here in Turkey I don't stay in the hotels often - we tend to stay with family! But look through the brochures as well and I'll offer any advice I can :o)
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    Hi Im looking on coming out in july 2012, 1st time, with an 19,16 and 15 year old daughters, which resort do you recomend? need water parks and places to go.
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    The advice re the WOW Bodrum ? gave above your post probably applies!!!

    What else are you looking for in a resort/holiday?

    Do yo want All ?nclusive/Self Catering/B&B.......

    The Bodrum area is good as there are no long transfers from the airport.

    A lot of the hotels in Lara Antalya would also meet your needs. Again not far from the airport and easy enough to get a bus into the centre of Antalya.
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    Thank you, for the recommendation, I would like all incusive or half bored. Also need places to go each day that arent to far away, things like waterparks, watersports etc, also looking for entertainment in the evenings, thanks
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    Living here ? don't actually use the big hotels much tending to stay in smaller local ones! But this weekend ? am going to a seminar in Belek at the Papillon Ayscha ( so ? will let you know what it is like on my return.

    The WoW at Bodrum/Gumbet is not too far from Gumbet and the bus to Bodrum itself stops outside. ? have heard good reports of the hotel. Also if you do book day trips don't do it through your travel rep but through the local tour companies in town or nearby. Most are a lot cheaper and for the same trip. A lovely day is a boat trip where you can relax and swim in coves from the boat usually lunch is included although you do pay for drinks on board.
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    You will find a long list of resorts in Turkey here, along with detailed reviews from our editors: Holiday Resorts in Turkey
    Visit for destination advice
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    Thank you, I will have a look, is this place near to main resorts and things to do? Olu Deniz, Turkey - Dalaman ?
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    Hi Bee

    The WoW at Gumbet/Bodrum is about 40 mins from Bodrum airport - an easy transfer and close to Gumbet. The bus to Bodrum goes past the hotel gate. Great location for an A? as lots are often located miles from anywhere!!! Lots to do around the area - boat trips, water park, ferry to Kos for the day to name a few.

    The Papillon Ayscha was beautiful and right on the beach - good buffet etc. Evening entertainment and several pools plus other activities. ? was attending a seminar so didn't have too much chance to fully explore but they had family rooms with a bedroom plus 2 beds in a sitting area.
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    Turkey has many nice resorts and hotels. Turkey is an amazing vacation destination with much to see and do throughout the country. I was there during last year in summer with my family and I stayed in Antalya resort. This resorts contain all facilities for family purpose and kids will also enjoy there.
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    The fantastic country of Turkey features wonderful beach resorts, sparkling blue seas, never-ending sunshine and a staggeringly beautiful coastline. There are many resorts in Turkey which have incredible beauty and luxuriousness. I will prefer Bodrum resorts because it is surrounding with lovely beaches.
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