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Access to UK on temporary South African passports

edited January 2012 in Visa and Passport
Ok, so I did the most foolish of all things- I booked not 1, but 5 plane seats from UK to ZA return for February the 8th 2012 (£££££).

The problem is that my passport has expired, so I applied for renewal end Nov 2011, thinking there would be plenty of time, but discovered then that waiting times are 4 months plus any delays because of xmas etc.

The SA High Commission (SAHC) states that they will only issue temporary passports to dual citizenship holders, which I am not, but I am a permanent resident with indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

I contacted the UK Border agency and they indicated that I will be allowed back into the UK with a temporary passport, as long as I can show that I am returning (show an exit stamp) and that I have ILR (by means of my expired passport).

The SAHC says they need this in writing before they can provide me with a temporary passport, but the UKBA says they cannot provide any information in writing (for various reasons).

Does anyone know how I can get around this?


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    Hi, my sister lives in the Uk and has ILR, her passport also expired and she had booked a ticket to fly to SA for a wedding.
    She applied 4 months before her flight for a new SA Passport only to be told that it would not be ready in time.

    She went to the SAHC personally in London and they issued her a temporary travel docket to leave the UK, which was accepted at customs in SA.

    She went to the Dept of Home affairs in Durban when she arrived in SA applied for her new passport , paid R400.00 and we recd an sms 7 days later to say her new passport was ready to collect. They were extremely helpful and efficient.

    My sister went back to the Uk with her New passport and her old expired passport to prove that she has ILR and had no problems.
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    Thanks for this. This is an option, but just concerned about being stranded in SA for an extended time period (not good for the career if you know what I mean :0

    Thanks though - I'm seriously going to consider this.
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    Hi-just ensure that you go to the main Dept of Home affairs and not the out laying offices, as they still have to send it to the main office which will add on time. Good-luck
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    Would that be in Jhb, Cpt or Dbnm or does each major city have a main office? Where is the absolute best place to attend?

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