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Palm Island Resort St Vincent and the Grenadines

edited January 2012 in Caribbean
Anyone have reviews/comments on the Palm Island resort in St. Vincent and the Grenadines? We are thinking about spending our honeymoon in St Vincent, does anyone have reviews on this place? Whats the service like? Are there good restaurants? What are things to do in St Vincent and the Grenadines?


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    We will be leaving for our third trip to Palm Island soon. Obviously we love it! It is a very quiet place and somewhere that you go to really unwind. No TV's or phones in the rooms. The beach and water are incredible. There is a pool - no hot tub. Tennis courts, library, a computer and bikes. It takes about an hour to walk the island. There are hammocks all around the island - very secluded and perfect for some intimate time. The boat will take you over to Union Island, if you like. For an additional charge, you can go snorkling in the the Tobago Cays onboard a catamaran. It includes lunch and beer/rum punch. We did this last year and think it is a must! We saw huge turtles frolicking. There is a singer or some kind of music at night for dancing under the stars. The service can't be beat and the staff is wonderful. Chris, the General Manager rocks. There are two restaurants. One you have to make reservations for, the other you don't. They have traditional foods but also Caribbean style foods. It is very good food.
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    Having spent 2 vacations on Palm Island, and lived on the nearby Union Island I can tell you that its a great place to chill out and take in the wonders of this part of the Caribbean. There are lovely rooms and bungalows surrounded by gardens and views of the beach. Great swimming pool to use and leisurely walks to take. Lots of trips to available, Tobago Cays, Petite St Vincent [a private island ] Union Island and days out deep sea fishing sunset cruise etc. You can take a connection from Union Island to St Lucia for a day, although this is expensive.
    No phones or Tv's in the rooms, hammocks available for use on the beaches and the staff will prepare a picnic and bring it to you on the beach, complete with table and chairs etc. The staff are brilliant, always helpful and offer good customer service. If you are someone who gets bored easily then perhaps this totally pampering experience is not for you but I can recommend this island as a must see. Be aware that any purchases made at the resort are likely to be 3 times the price of those on Union Island. On Union Island is a great jewellry shop run by Annie Dulac who makes all the pieces herself and a gourmet deli selling fresh produce and home made yogurts and flans a real must have for those who like good food.There are also great beaches on Union Island where you can relax and get good food. Please be aware however that there is great poverty on the island and to be conscious that the locals may ask you for money and cigarettes.Do not walk around on your own and keep all valuables out of sight. Comon sense must prevail!! Enjoy!!
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