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marriage in Tunisia

edited January 2012 in - Tunisia
Hello everybody, I need to ur help to get the information to know witches documents I must to have it to get married with my girlfriend?!and I wanna know from where I start?!
I did like this site and it gets many information but I have a question its true for my girlfriend have to resident for 2days in tunisia?
Thank u


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    first you need a non marriage of non impediment it means you have never been married but you have to wait 21 days for tht where ever yr living , then you need a recent birth certificate it is a long process but iv just got married in tunsia so i know it took two weeks to marry my husband
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    Yeah thank u 4ur answer but she said to me that she must stay for a 21 days in tunisia and she can't leave her job for that time!! What's the solution if it s true to realise that??
    Many thanks
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    Mido - firstly you only need a new copy of your certificate de naissance and your carte d'identitie. Your g/f must have her CONI (certificate of no impediment) and a new original birth certificate no more than 21 days before your marriage. there is no requirement for her to be in Tunisia for any length of time. She must also have her passport and if she has been married before then she will need an original of her marriage certificate and an original of her divorce certificate. These documents can all be copied, translated in Tunisia into Arabic/French and then certified. You must both have blood tests before the marriage.

    Let me know if you need any more information
  • Does it matter how long you have to be devorsed to marry in Tunisia??
  • There is no waiting period. If you are divorced you can remarry,
  • Okay thanks because I have hurd that If I am american and planning on marring in Tunisia I have to wait 90 Days?
  • Please look at the US Embassy website particularly paragraph 6. It clearly states that the divorce must be valid in the USA but nowhere does it stay you have to wait 90 days. Hope that helps
  • Yes thanks alot im sorry for douting you I am just trying to take percaushes and want to make shore before i spend the money to buy me a ticket to go down don't want it to be for nothing if you know what I mean.  THanks again Allah Bless you and your family.
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