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Romantic destinations for wedding or honeymoon?

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Going on honeymoon abroad has always been popular, and increasingly so is getting married overseas. What are your experiences of tying the knot or having a honeymoon in a foreign country? What destinations would you recommend (and which would you avoid?).


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    i am not married but have a boyfriend from another country and i would say that tying the knot in a different country would be cool. especially if its in one of the countries that you and your partner comes from. i personally wouyld have my wedding in my own country and maybe the honeymoon in his. this also depends where both of you want to settle... if you settle in your own country you have the honeymoon in his country or choose a country in between.....
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    For some great ideas on destinations take look at:
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    The wedding is a special occation and its so impotant. To keep these speacial memories alive for ever is as exotic as wlking down the Isle in the bush.
    i recmend a bush wedding especial the East Africa either Kenya or tTanzania.
    If you are for the ideal, then Rama safaris are specialists in this area.
    what do you say?
    Its an even that comes once in a lifetime imagine that special moment under the open African sky graced by those wild songs by the birds and natural whispers of the wind in a bush.
    Maasai mara,Tsavo or Serengeti are ideal choice scenes.
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    Hello there!
    While getting ready to my wedding I’m anticipating some problem. I can’t decide where to get married and where to spend the honeymoon. This is unique time in our lives and I don’t want to spoil it by making bad choice. So, after searching for hours in the network, I found really interesting Greek portal . Thanks to this portal Im thinking to have my wedding and honeymoon in Greece. Maybe Santorini island? I imagine that must be very romantic place… sea, sunsets, history... Maybe you have some other ideas? Your experience?
    Amber :)))
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    Amber - take a look at this post which has some great views on Greek Islands - might help your decision making process!
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    Probably everyone has own opinion about romantic destination.
    And if it is a honeymoon you both have the same or similar vision about it.
    I think Stockholm is a very romantic city.
    It is save and clean, with modern public transportation, you will be able to go for a walk: Old Town(Gamla Stan), Sodermalm district.
    You may take a boat trip through the archipelago islands or dinner cruises.
    There is a beautiful Opera House, many museums, gardens.
    Other option is Transylvania. Medieval cities,castles and fortresses also is a very romantic way to spend your honeymoon.
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    Wow. The world is your oyster really! So are so many great places to get married in the world that are bound to be truly unforgettable. I guess it depends on the kind of experience that you're after.

    Thailand - stunning castaway islands, amazing food, great accommodation, amazing sunsets. I would recommend Ko Raya and Railay Bay as beautiful spots for a wedding. Especially good in winter time...

    India - you could get married in an absolutely beautiful Rajasthani palace and then fly south to the beaches of Kerala. The palaces are surprisingly affordable and it would be something you'll never forget. You can also drop in on the Taj Mahal at sunset for another romantic experience.

    South Africa - has something for everyone... Cape Town has beautiful beaches, amazing views of Table Mountain and great accommodation. Nearby, there's the lovely winelands (you could opt to get married on a wine estate), and you could drive along the famous Garden Route to a Big Five safari near Port Elizabeth. Try Bukela Lodge and Hitgeheim Country Lodge just outside Addo Elephant National Park.

    Personally, I would like something a little less polished and more adventurous, so I would opt for Vietnam (tiny islands with only 15 bungalows and overnight stay on Huong Hai junk boats...) or Nepal (get married in the Himalayas during an Annapurna trek and then stay in the stunning Dwarika Hotel in Kathmandu for a rest afterwards).

    So many possibilities.... :)
  • If you are looking out for a place that makes you fall in love with the nature then Lavasa is the place to go. I fell in love with this city when I went there with my friends. This city aims at giving you the best of relaxed living.
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    Hello ,
    Israle is one of the world’s first travel destinations and also best for honeymoon and wedding.Because there are many romantic places like Wohl Rose Garden, Jerusalem, Stargazing over Mitzpe Ramon, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Dead Sea etc. and also various  Wohl Rose Garden, Jerusalem, Stargazing over Mitzpe Ramon, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Dead Sea etc romantics hotel are there. If you are interested for tour to israle, then you take tour service from  because my friend had taken service from this company for at the time of his honeymoon, he told that it is a good tourism company.
    Hope this suggestion help for you!
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