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Daughter and Boyfriend visiting Tunisia during Ramadan (un-married)

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Our 18 year old daughter and her 19 year old boyfriend are looking at an all inclusive holiday in Tunisia for this coming July and I would just like to check with the local experts on the best advice for them at this holy time in a Muslim country, as they are as yet un-married?

I have read a number of posts here that suggest their sharing a hotel room in a tourist hotel as both English should not pose any real issues? Is this really the case even during Ramadan?

Also are there any suggestions on how they should conduct themselves both in the resort and outside - i.e. kissing in public - should this be avoided out of sensitivity, is walking arms round each other etc OK??

Sorry if this sounds the usual English persons daft mis-conceptions, but I'd like to be able to at least tell them something about what would and would not cause offense especially during Ramadan?

Many thanks


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    Ridesy - don't apologise, your questions are not daft and we are always appreciative that someone takes enough interest in our culture to ask them, so thank you.

    Your daughter and her b/f should have no problems as unmarried foreigners may share a hotel room but not Tunisians or foreigner and a Tunisian.

    July is extremely hot here so your daughter should be prepared with having to deal sometimes with some tetchy people. We don't eat or drink during daylight hours so you can imagine having to work in the heat without a drop of water. However, when sunset comes, everyone celebrates and the balmy evenings are really wonderful with families and couples out in the street, taking coffee and meeting friends. It's like one long party and I'm sure she and her b/f will enjoy it.

    There should be no show of affection including kissing (even pecks on the cheek), holding hands or arms around one another. Also, she should be aware that the cover up is the best way here during Ramadan especially. Long loose tunic tops and pants/skirts in natural fibres will be the best and will keep her much cooler in the middle of the day. Nothing see through and no cleavage!! She will be rewarded with respect and hospitality and will have much better experience here and isn't that what most travellers wish to have?

    I appreciate your interest and I wish your daughter and her b/f a wonderful vacation here
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