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Safe to travel

edited January 2012 in - Tunisia
Hi my family and I have booked to stay in the All suites residence Diar Ledimar in Yasmine Hammemet we arrive on the 23rd of May 2012 I was wondering is it safe to travel to Tunisia and is the hotel and the area of Yasmine Hammemet nice. Is there a lot of shopping I believe the hotel is built round a castle and Medina. Also do you accept the English pound in Tunisia. What is the average temp around that time of year.


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    Ellie - yes it is perfectly safe to travel to Tunisia. I can't comment on the hotel but Yasmine Hammamet is quite beautiful. It is a purpose built tourist resort and you will find it clean with many cafes and restaurants.

    We do not accept the pound but you can exchange your currency for Tunisian Dinar at the airport/banks or hotels.

    The temps in May will be mid to high 20s (C)

    Enjoy your vacation
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    So you can exchange the english pound ok at the airport/banks and hotels. Sorry to ask silly questions but usually we take currency with us but you cant seem to do this.
  • Why not bring money already exchange in the countries currency? :)
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    Ya i am agree that it is safe to travel to Tunisia,and ya Yasmine Hammamet is beautiful.And hotels are also quite good, actually the time i went there i changed my currency at Tunisian Dinar at the airport/banks.Even you can check it out at your hotel..
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    Do any of you know what the el mouraidi port el kantoui is like. xx
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    Ellie - firstly our currency is a closed currency meaning you cannot buy or sell it outside of Tunisia and this is why you must bring foreign currency and exchange it here. You can easily exchange in any Bureau de Poste, bank or western union office, so to answer your question yes, you can exchange the British Pound here.

    The El Mouradi is a popular hotel chain and usually quite good.
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    Hi, my husband and I will be travelling to Tunisia on the 28march and will be there for 8 not sure what to pack as I am aware it is an arab country and do not want to feel uncomfortable wearing something that I shouldn't such as dresses, short sleeved tops etc? Do women have to cover their heads and not show ant skin?

    Also we will be staying at the Royal Kenz Hotel, is it safe to be out in the evening? What is the food like?
    Will it be hot? Do I need to bring any proof that we are married? What water sports are available?

    So sorry for all these questions!
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    hi we are travelling to tunisia in october and staying in skanes ,just wondering what its like,will i take us dollars with me? and also am i ok to wear my skirts and vest style tops? i dont want to offend anyone !!
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    also i am wondering what kind of food should we expect in tunisia ? we are going all inclusive?
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    Ria - you will feel more comfortable wearing long loose tunic style tops and long pants or skirts. You do not need to cover your head, just be modest with your clothing and you will be fine. Royal Kenz is a nice hotel and you can go out in the evening...........IT IS SAFE HERE!!! As for the food, well, it's Tunisian which means couscous, spaghetti, lamb, chicken, not pork of course. The bbq lamb here is very, very delicious. Our food is always fresh and free of chemicals. You will find it a little bit spicey as we use harissa (chilli paste) but in the hotels it is kind of watered down for tourist tastes. I advise you to get out and sample some of our cuisine in the restaurants around.

    You do not need to bring proof of your marriage.

    You can surf, skin dive, ski etc etc but it may still be a little cool for that when you are here.
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    Mandi - Skanes is relatively quiet but you can get around to see some other areas very easily by taxi or louage. It will be quite cheap. You can take US/Euro/Pounds all are easily exchanged at banks/hotels/post offices. As long as your tops cover your shoulders and chest it's fine and longer skirts. If you wear skimpy clothes then you can expect to be stared at and approached!

    Our food is wondeful but going all inclusive you will be given 'watered down for tourists' cuisine. My advice is to go at least a couple of times to a local restaurant so you can taste the real deal. Lamb and chicken are staples, we don't eat pork or any pork products. Lots of couscous, pasta, bbq and fish as fish is the best here
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