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what papers needed after marriage to get into U.K

edited January 2012 in - Tunisia
hi i'm going to marry a woman from united kingdom in april . what are documents needed for marriage? what are the conditions to have the visa after marriage.


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    can u help me lesly . thank u so much
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    i'm looking forward hearing from u sooon. have great time
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    Marouan - I'm guessing you are Tunisian??? Let me know where you are going to marry, here or in the UK? If you want to marry in the UK I think you have to have a fiance visa which gives your fiance the way to sponsor you to the UK. Either way you will need many, many documents and so will your English fiance. A good way to see what you need is to check the British Embassy website and also perhaps you can look at the forum on which gives a lot of good information on this.
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