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Married in Tunisia: questions

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I got married in September, 2011 in tunisia, had no problems, but his parents didn't come to witness this marriage, so he got two of his friends to be witnesses, and his parents never said congrats, they are very nice people and i asked him why his parents did not come, he told me that his fathers sister passed away, i think in june, so thats why they never came to witness the marriage..I returned to canada, have there twice to tunisia, the second time was so good, lots of tension, in the house they seem to be distant, not talk with me like the first time in Sept. and he has a very short temper, has temper tantrums sometimes breaks things, make his mom cry, i don't think i will be going back there now, but we still talk but he always ask me for money, and says no one wants to help him, and not care about him lol,,


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    canadien - I'm sorry your husband's parents did not attend your marriage however they do not need to be there as witnesses. the law requires that 2 persons attend as witness, one must be male and they do not need to be relatives. Tunisians are very good at temper tantrums, sulking and blaming everyone else for the problems they cause. If he's asking you for money it won't me, if you send they'll keep asking and taking. Boohoo for him - tell him to get out of the coffee and into a job and then he'll have money won't he? Maybe he's after a visa, and perhaps you should think carefully about him. I hope I'm wrong but I've been here a while and I know all the tricks!! Good luck
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    I also had similar experience but we were married in his familys home. Mine doesnt ask for money but has lots of stories of things happening and waits for me to offer and ive sent money but to him he calls it pocket change! he has changed and unless i get him here he wont even talk to me. im not sure if i am legally married in canada and its hard to find out any info. Honestly i do not wish to go back as im sure i will not come back to canada. I still love him but enough is enough. Dont send any money and surely you will see the real person youve married. live and learn is all you can do. I dont regret it just wish i knew if im legally married in canada. Best wishes contact me at [email protected] if i can help any! Tc
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    omg!! im sooo sorry to hear... i've been married to my tunisian husband for 9 months... after reading your what you've been going thru.. sorry.. my husband is the total opposite.. how long have you both known your tunisian men before getting married??
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    Can u please answer a Question for me my friend married her tunisia husband and they are both in love but have been having problems with there visa application . Now they have been fighting alot and she is 20 weeks pregnant . They got married in Tunisia and he now says when they fight tht if he divorce her that by law in tunisia cause she signed a paper getting married which she did not now she was siging stating he will get the baby when it is born . Now he says his goverment can come to her country and take the baby once it is born if they divorce . Now how true can this be ??? Can he take the child from its mother just like that ??
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    To get all your questions answered, including the laws surrounding having a baby with a Tunisian man visit

    To rest your mind, he can't come here and get the baby, just don't go back and have your baby or he will be able to keep the baby.

    Great website to have all your questions answered and they can talk to you more about Buziness. Unfortuntely, these men are now targeting Canadian/U.S. women (and it's not only happening in Tunisia, in other Counties it's also the women who target the men over here). Trust me, there is not many who can resist the Tunisian Charm
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    There is no such law, however please be aware that if you should go to Tunisia with the baby the government will uphold his right to keep the baby. The child would be considered Tunisian no matter where you live and will also be considered muslim. Why did you not find out all these things before you married???
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    I have questions .... so hard to find any answers .. hope u can help
    does anyone know how much money is requried for Tunisian man to visit canada ... i do know that they must show that they have enough money to support themselves while in Canada ..,,,,
    If a Tunisian man gets a visitors visa to come to Canada is he able to marry while in Canada ...
    Is it easier for a Tunisian man to come to Canada if a Canadian women marries him in Tunisia and then how long is the wait period for him to come to Canada
    Confused Hobby :)
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    Now you know that I can't call you hobbi because you are not my love LOL!!! I am sorry but I don't know how much money is required but surely your embassy or 'home office' will be able to advise you. Most of your other questions can be answered by your embassy also and they will be able to give you the correct and up to date information.
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    hi....wanting to ask if my maintenance counts as an income with my wages n order to bring my husband here from tunisia....
  • hi ! put all your income evidence in order to support your application. any income evidence may help. good luck
  • hi jjry !. mother and father should know a baby is neither a jock!!! nor a game!!. both of them should be aware
    about the future of the baby. they should find the better way to let the baby - and then the child - feel a normal life with a father and mother inspite of they may not live close to each other.  put a child in a fighting situation is a crime...hope they will be a wiser people. i just hope
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    Hi im married to a tunisian for 2 year will be together 5 an now he divorce me bec he tell me im a bad wife he own me so much money I give him everything bec I stop paying for the house he live in an not pay for he food he wants a divorce im waiting for the papers now. Ho an now he find work before no but I think I get no papers
  • Marion, its never nice when a marriage breaks up but it seems to me that you may be better off without your husband. Marriage is about give and take and its sounds as if your husband has been doing all the taking. 
    He is using emotional blackmail by threatening to divorce you. I would call his bluff and divorce him, you are better off without him.
  • Hello came across this site and was wondering if anyone could help me, I'm trying to bring my husband to the uk. We have been married since Last June, now my financial income comes from 2 jobs and i wuld like to know how the lette needs to be written from my workplace do they need to specified my contract hours with the extra hours and how much it will come for the year ahead? I'm a bit confused with the letters con someone explain that to me plz on how they need to be written. Thank a lot.
  • Hi luna06, if you have two different jobs then get official signed letters from both employers detailing the hours you work and what you earn. Your payslips should back up these letters.
  • The letters from your two employers should also have the date you started work if it is a permanent position full time or part time a job title/ description. the amount you earn should be your annual salary before tax.

    The net salary on your payslips from these jobs must show the same amount going into your bank account every month for six months. for example if you take home pay per month is £1200 then £1200 must go into your bank account every month

    This is the evidence required by Appendix FM (Specified Evidence) of the Immigration Rules.
  • Thank you Ella and Alethia, my situation is a bit confusing lol let me explain you, I have been in this two jobs for the last 8 months.amd last year didnt work for a month now my income for 2months were not the same as I get paid hourly rate and the solicitor advice me to go for the 12 months income? Which I missed 1500 cuz of the month i didnt work but I have my savings and it cover the missing money, now my Question is to have the letters from my work will need to state that I'm working this amount of hours for the year ahead or just the hours that I have been.doing normally? I have heard as well that now we have to pay around 500 pounds extra for health surcharge? And Yeah all the payments from my two works are shown in my bank statements : )
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    Luna as I mentioned above the evidence you supply is required by Appendix FM (Specified Evidence) of the Immigration Rules. You cannot make up the evidence to suit you.

    You must earn £18,600 per annum, if you do not earn £18,600 per annum from one or two jobs. If you do not earn £18600 you will need £16,000 in savings plus 2.5 times the shortfall.

    For example if your annual earnings come to £15,000 per annum you must have £16,000 in savings plus 2.5 x £3.600 = £9,000 you must therefore have £25,000 in tge bank. This is the only way your savings are considered.

    As for your salary , you are required to show you have earned at least £388 per week or £1552 per month ( before tax) which equates to £18,624 per anum before tax.

    You must show you have earned this money for six months before you apply and your wages must go into your bank account. UK immigration do not want to see your earnings for the year ahead they want to see what your past earnings.

    Your solicitor surely has access to the same law as I do and must advise you in line with FM Specified Evidence.

  • Thank you very much Alethia : ) I have earn in the year 17000 and I do have my savings which covers the rest of the money missing. : ) alethia how many applications ate online to be filled? And have you heard about the new law about the he as th ssurcharge 500 pounds???

    From 6 April, all nationals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) coming to the UK for longer than six months will be required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ as part of their visa application.

    Those who have paid the surcharge or are not required to do so because they are exempt will be able to access the National Health Service (NHS) in the same way as a permanent UK resident.
  • Aww this is great news, this is what i was asking before Alethia, Thank you sooo much for making it clear, so this doesn't apply to spouse visas which is great: )
  • And Yeah Alethia, I have more than 20000 on my savings,so if I don't meet the 18600 per year I can count with my savings which won't be a problem for my husband application to be refuse? I really appreciate your prompt answers, you have been very helpful.: )
  • Luna. I must apologise, I believed the NHS surcharge was to come in after the British elections in May 2015 but 5 days ago the government stated the NHS surcharge was to come into force on 6 April 2015.

    My concern for your visa is that you have sufficient funds to meet the rules.

    Do you have £20,650 in savings for this is how much you will need to cover the shortfall in your income. You make one on line application.
    The fees for a spouse settlement visa from 6 April 2015 will be £956 payable in local currency. in some countries.
  • I do have more than 20650 in savings, I have got around 22000 saved in my saving account will this be OK if I don't meet the 18600 ? So the surcharge will need to be paid? Thanks again Alethia.: )
  • Luna your savings seem fine based on what you have told me. The surcharge is to pay for Healthcare in the UK and in all probability it may have to be paid.
  • Thank you Alethia, Yeah that's my savings I haven't touch them for more than 8months, soin the letter from work I have to specified my contract hours plus if is permanent wich mine it is, full time and the total gross from the months that I have been working there? Or how can I put this? In the application online are they two forms one is the settlement form and the other one is the financial form? Thank you alethia Where are you based?
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    The application form is a VAF4 it is completed online and submitted electronically. This application is paid for on line and the appointment made on line. When the applicant goes to the appointment they take the apointment papers , a copy of the VAF4 and the completed Appendix 2 VAF4 (this is completed by hand not on line) all supporting documents and copies.

    You must provide your P60'S if you have them and letters from your employer stating your job title, your hours worked, annual salary before tax. All evidence to be submitted is specified here

    I am based in Birmingham UK. You can contact me on [email protected]
  • Thank you so much Alethia, im based in london, I was thinking to do my hudband application with a solicitor and went to citizen advice as is cheaper for me but they are not going to be available anymore this one is near where i live, so im trying to see if i can do it by myself thats why im asking a lot of questions, and i really appreciate your help, with my payslips do i need to send the payslips from the whole year, or just the last 6 months even though i didnt meet the requiered earnings during the 6months ? My p 60's from which years should i send? Thanks a lot Alethia, happy easter.: )
  • I do not mind to advise you.
    You must send this years P60 (2015) Normally i send the last 7 months payslips prior ro the applicatiom to ensure the full period is covered. The last payslip must be less than 28 days old when the applicant submits the application to the visa centre, or the application will be refused.

    Your employer must provide a letter (both employers if there is more than one) confirming:
    (i) the length of the person's employment;
    (ii) the gross annual salary and the period over which it has been paid at this level;
    (iii) the entitlement to maternity, paternity, parental or adoption leave; and
    (iv) the date of commencement and the end-date of the maternity, paternity,
    parental or adoption leave.Where applicable.

    You must send 6 months bank statements to correspond with the payslips.
    As you have savings you must send the following,
    (a) personal bank statements showing that at least the level of cash savings relied upon
    in the application has been held in an account(s) in the name of the person or of the
    person and their partner jointly throughout the period of 6 months prior to the date of
    (b) A declaration by the account holder(s) of the source(s) of the cash savings. This form can be obtained from the bank.
  • Thats kind of you.: ) the gross annual salary will need to be written as an example, 40 hours a week times the hourly rate times 52 weeks equal annual gross???? This is Where I'm confused loll we are just waiting for his English results and certificate so we can send his application, :) the form from the bank howis it calle???
  • Good morning Luna, in the employers letter your boss must write the annual salary eg £17,000 per annum
    before tax, surely your employer knows how to calculate this. If you have worked for this company for one year or more your annual salary should be the same as your P60.
    Also if your salary has gone up since you joined the company the employer letter should say starting salary and present salary.
    If you have a company contract you should put this in the application.
  • I get paid hourly rate, so Yeah will ask her. I have been working with the company for 8months only so she has to put the total income as well? This is Where I got a bit confused, the p 60 2015 will come soon end of April I think and hope, what if the annual salary is less than 18600 will it be refused? Or no Cuzco of my savings right? Thanks a lot Alethia.: )
  • Luna, regardless wether you are paid an hourly rate or not your employer should know what your annual income is before tax. Surely they have an accountant who does the payroll.

    I repeat, the employers letter must show your ANNUAL salary before tax. It is irrelevant you have only been there 8 months any company will know how much your annual salary is or their accountant will. The employers letter will show you have only been employed for eight months and your P60 will reflect this. You say you have two jobs so both employers must give employers letters

    I am concerned you don't know how much you earn a year as your savings may not be enough.
  • OK Thanks a lot Alethia, I do know how much I earned from Last April 2014 till this april 2015 , when we did the calculation with the manager she did it with the contract hours 35,but I do more than that, and my other job 10 hours a week, just the calculation from both was coming up to 17,576, now with this calculations will my application be refused? Alethia by any chance do you have like a copy of a employer letter that I can based on? If not I will understand. Really appreciate your help and time to answer my questions. :)
  • The company accountant/payroll should calculate your hours and annual salary not the manager. 35 hours per week are your basic hours the rest is overtime which is not added to the calculation.

    Your second job is 10 hours and you must have payslips and salary going into your bank account and an employers letter exactly the same as your main job.

    I will look if I have a company letter on file.

  • Thank you alethia, that will be very helpful if you have a copy, both of my jobs are paid into my account, I really appreciate your help. With the property report do you know someone trustworthy that you can recomend and how much it cost? Thanks a lot Alethia. :)
  • Alethia one more Question, in the accommodation letter it has to be written that my husband can live with me (no impediment) and that my rent is paid on date. That's all? Thanks a lot: )
  • The property report can vary if your house is rented or mortgaged.
    If its rented from the council/ housing asscociation, they can give a report stating for example, two bed flat/house, sole occupant Ms Smith, rent up to date. If privately rented the letting agent can do the same on letterhead.
    If you own your property you can ask a local estate agent to give a report on whether its a detached , semi detached house/flat,size of rooms sole occupent Ms Smith. Annual mortgage statement from the lender shows there are no arrears
  • Yeah my house is rented from agency, so letter will be issue this week as they are checking all my payments are up to date. What about the property inspection report? Thanks Alethia. :blush:
  • Luna sometimes, I wonder if I am writing clearly. I just explained in the last post what the housing report must say. (there is no such thing as a property inspection report)
    If its rented from the council/ housing asscociation, they can give a report stating for example, two bed flat/house, sole occupant Ms Smith, rent up to date. If privately rented the letting agent can do the same on letterhead.
    In other words the letting agent writes on the letter, there are no rent arrears, its a 1/2 bed flat/house ,
    kitchen, living room , bathroom Ms X is the sole tenant and they have no objection to her husband Mr Y
    residing with his wife.
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