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Australian tourit with Belgium working holiday visa holder in Schengen

edited January 2012 in - General Europe
Hi there

I am an Australian passport holder, currently on a Youth mobility visa in the UK which expires June 2012. My intention, is to apply for a Belgian working holiday visa which we are eligible for, for a period of 1 year. I want to move their late May as I need to leave the UK, and commence work after the summar has finished. Once I arrive in Belgium, my visa will obviously be checked, and I will enter Belgium as a temporary resident.

Question, if I travel within Schengen countries over summer, how strict will they be on the 90 day rule. Considering, a lot of the time passports are not stamped when travelling between Schengen countries, most of my time during summer will be spent in Spain and Germany. Will I be quizzed when entering and exiting these countries, and is it likely that they will have any way of knowing when I entered them?

I'm not saying I intend to overstay in Schengen, but I'm just wondering, is time spent in Belgium also counted towards my 90 days.. I guess it shouldn't be since I have a permit? i.e. I leave Belgium, go to Spain, 90 days starts, go back to belgium, leave, go to Germany, etc. does the clock stop and start or is it all counted towards 90 days?

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