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applying for childs 1st SPANISH passport

My child was born in Spain and his british passport has expired, we are now thinking of applying for a spanish passport for him (we live in spain) both his parents are english born but spanish residents, does anyone know of the procedure at all?? ie requirements, links, costs etc? Just thinking it may be more cost effective than renewing his one at the consulate!! Any info re this is appreciated!!


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    I wish someone had answered this as i've been searching for a similar option. I am English and my husband is Spanish. Our eldest was born in Spain, had a Spanish passport as we first lived in Spain and then when it ran out whilst living in the UK we got him a British passport. Our youngest was born in the UK and is 5 years old. We are now in Spain and need to leave due to lack of work. We wonder if getting a Spanish passport would be cheaper than the 130 euros plus it's going to cost with the consulate to get him a British one? My husband went an hour away to the police station to get his but because our son has a British birth certificate we wonder if we need to get that translated. Also, we've heard that the Spanish system doesn't accept dual nationality whereas I fully believe that my children are half English half Spanish and have a right to both passports!?

    Anyone know costs and what to do to get a Spanish passport?
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