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Travel Tips For Malaysia? :)?

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Hi, I'm going to Malaysia for my first time next week,
&& I am just after some tips,
and what should i look out for and be aware of? (:


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    Malaysia is a very safe & enjoyable place. Make sure you drop by Malaysian iconic landmark - the Petronas Twin Towers & shop around Bukit Bintang area.

    Just a rule of thumb, sling your bag across your shoulder (not on your shoulder) & walk against traffic flow to avoid any snatch thief. Lastly, if you take a cab, insist on using the meter.

    All the best!
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    You should have a brochure to guide you in Malaysia. But having a tour guide would be nicer.
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    Malaysia is a good city to explore and cheap also. You will get numerous shopping options there and don't miss to visit the Petronas Twin Towers the specialty of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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    For those interested in travel tips and safety in Malaysia, be aware that dengue fever (a mosquito borne disease) is on the rise in the country and it is a good idea to take plenty of insect repellent. This Basic Travel Information for Malaysia page includes advice on safety and health as well as local customs.
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    This website provide many information, can have a look^^
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    When you arrive at the Malaysian, you would be pleasantly surprised at the warmth of Malaysians. For deeply entrenched within each of the different races is the engaging charm and traditional hospitality for which Malaysia is renowned.

    When greeting a Muslim, offer your right hand then bring it towards you, fingertips lightly touching your heart. This is the traditional Salam or 'greeting of acceptance'. Hindus greet with a Namaste (in Hindi) or Vanakam (Tamil). Both palms are brought together as in prayer at mid-chest level.
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