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Caymen Island Visa

edited March 2009 in World Wide
Hello Everyone and anyone who may have some information i need your help. I am a international student studying here in California. I will be going on a study trip to Caymen Islands on April 5th. I hold a Pakistani passport and i applied for the visa on March 11th and my biometric was taken on March 14th, and i sent in my application by first class mail to the British Consulate in LA. I recieved a notice from USPS that they delieverd my packet on the 16th. Today is the 25th of March and i still have not recieved a confirmation from the Consulate that they have openned my application. I have 9 days left before i travel and i am freaking out because this study trip is very important because i have to write a tourism plan for george town or little caymen. I sent in all the supporting documents which my university gave. Would i be getting my visa in time or should just give up hope and get a C in the class. The consulate charges money to call them. Should i just go to the consulate and inquire about the statues of my application? How long does the British Consulate take to process applications. My classmate who happens to be Chinness applied on the 27th feb and got her passport back in 9 days. and suggestions...... any insight would help.
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