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Tunisia - Best Currency to take

edited February 2012 in Africa
Hi everyone

I will be travelling to Tunisia, Port el Kantaoui for the very first time with my partner. I want to ask which is the best currency to take over, would it be the Euro Or Pounds, I'm asking because the girl at the holiday booking place suggested we take over Euro's as a better rate is given? Would this be infact true as I have checked online and the pound is that bit better?

Secondly what would you suggest taking part in? I heard the dessert trek is good ? and what else suggestions are welcome



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    Hi, i suggest that you take Euros with you, and if you want to visit nice places in Tunisia, you should visit Sidi Bousaid in capital, and desert is great as well, you can visit Hammamet also (not far from Sousse)
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    Hi there,
    I've had a quick skim through some internet sites and it seems that both Euros and Pounds are okay to exchange in Tunisia but perhaps Euros are a slightly better option. If you're looking for ideas about what to see and do there have a look at this Tunisia Travel Guide for ideas and basic information on things like health, currency and climate.
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