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Help!! Cambodia/Vietnam/Bangkok advice!

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Plse help. Im a woman travelling on my own with cost and time (and safety) part of my decision making. Im not sure whether to leave Saigon and travel (by bus/train)through Cambodia onto Bangkok (which Im getting the impression that it will be costly and time consuming.) Was wondering if I should rather leave from Saigon travel across to phnom penh for a few days, then travel back to Saigon and fly from there to Bangkok? Any advice would be welcome!


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    I think it is based on the purpose and the length of your trip. It's ok to leave from Saigon travel across to phnom penh for a few days, then travel back to Saigon and fly from there to Bangkok. If you have not got a vietnam visa, the fastest and easiest way is to apply a vietnam visa on arrival. Find more detail at
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    I am holding New Zealand passport and I would like to travel to Vietnam by bus through Cambodia and I would like to know. Do I need a Visa for entry?
    Thank in advance for any advice
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    I have heard that it is not safe to travel by bus from Vietnam to Cambodia. Any advice? Any caution? Help please.
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    I found it very safe and haven't heard different. Even the road was decent. Just take the usual precautions i guess. What have you heard about safety?
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    Do Canadians require visa entries to Cambodia ? Are online visas available?
    Hw much do they cost - if reqrd and gor what period of time?
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    absolutely no risk traveling by bus between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.
    I have been doing that trip for the last couple of years every 3 weeks and have never experienced any form of danger.
    Remember you can get visa at border going into Cambodia but you must have visa issued prior to arrival at Vietnam border.
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    2nd question...going to cambodia, from vietnam (into vietnam from canada)..i understand visa requirements for dual entry to vietnam, since i'm arriving 1 x from canada, then 1 x from cambodia...what i'm not sure is whether or not i need to have travel visa ahead of time ie/before i arrive in cambodia, or whether i can obtain it at the airport (if we fly in from Saigon)?? As well, if we happen to bus in from Saigon to cambodia, then would we require a cambodia visa ahead of time ie/prior to entry to cambodia by bus?
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    I m Malaysia, on thid sunday 14/03/10 i want to go to Bankok,Thailand and come back on 17/03/10.I worry about latest protest at THAILAND, who can give me some advice or tell the actual status at Bankok now? It is safe to go?


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    I'm holding Filipino passport and we're planning to go to Siem Reap, Camboadia from Bangkok. Does anyone know if we still need to apply a visa and what is the fastest and safest way to go there.


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    Yong - check out this website and search for thailand

    Hope this helps,

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    im holding vietnam passport, and would like to go to cambodia for few day holiday. Do i need cambodia visa?
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    Vietnamese do need a visa for Cambodia - you can get this at the border.
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    Thinking of travelling through Vietnam and possibly Cambodia in
    October or November - what is the position with taking malaria
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    Hey Martha,

    I am currently in Vietnam and am now suffering the after effects of taking malaria tablets (extreme tiredness). We were advised to only take them in loas, but you should check with your doc' before you go as i think it depends on the time of yr.
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    i am going landing in Bangkok, from there ´wish to go to Siem Reap in Cambodia (already receipt my visa) and from there to Vietnam, Nha Trang.
    How is the best way to travel, time is no issue since there there is plenty of time to travel arount, one month.

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    I travelled from Saigon to Siamreap by bus last Dec. It took around 6 hrs to Phnom Penh. It was safe if you choose the right bus company. I suggest you take Meikong Express. It's said to be the only bus can arrive on time.
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    There are really comfortable public buses from Bangkok to the border, and from there minibuses to Siem Reap. From there I would take a fast boat to Phnom Penh and thereafter buses to Saigon and then the minibus or train up to the coast to Nha Teang. All very easy and cheap. Even the roads are quite decent th ese days.
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    Hey Im going from Ho chi Minh city to phenom Penh then to bangkok over the course of 10 days. Im pretty sure on taking the MEkong Express from HCMC to PP. But do u know the best way to travel from PP to Bangkok
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    Oh I love Cambodia! People are so unique and original other there. I had great time last year , I planned to go for one week but I finally stayed two weeks there..and the food is really amazing! A total must for everyone. online poker machines

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    I have an INDIAN passport...
    Can i travel from bangkok to combodia(train) -combodia to vietnam(ho chi minh) by bus????is is possible way to reach ho chi minh?
    i want to travel from Bangkok to ho chi road or by train....if they are cheap i am a student....
    i dont have much budget....
    please suggest me best way if you know some to reach vietnam.......
    thanx in advance
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    Hello All,

    My plan is the same as Mohit from delhi, I want to travel to BKK/pattaya and then till Vietnam via bus/train. Also suggest what should be the decent days for this travel and stay.

    I believe if i go back to thailand then it costs me for dual entery, dont know if it actually does or they are allies and i would not be needing it. It happend with me in Uganda where I went from Kenya and can back, but they never bothered.

    Thanks in advance..

    amit_grover_2000 at yahoo dot com
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    Try having it as a land trip to at least see the beautiful view of the place you are going to.
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    You should be able to travel between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam by Bus for cheap, The trains don't run in Cambodia anymore so you probably need to take a bus, boat, taxi or fly. I'm staying in Phnom Penh Cambodia right now, and bus tickets are available at like every guesthouse and travel agent. I'm staying at one up in Bkk1, but anywhere here or the riverside will help ya out and you can't miss them, should be easy as pie to get yourself around. But be careful, I've heard horror stories about people traveling to the border for 6 hours, to find out they don't have the proper visa or what not so make sure your paperwork is in order before going! Best of Luck and enjoy SE ASIA!
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