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Cuban to Croatia

edited February 2012 in - Italy
My question is a bit complicated. I'm resident in Croatia and I plan to invite my friend (cuban citizen) to Croatia. She needs to get a croatian visa to enter the country but croatian embassy intended for Cuba is situated in Madrid (Spain) so we must send all the documents there. Basically , she must come to Europe and get the croatian visa in any croatian embassy in Europe but for that reason, she also needs to get a transit visa (schengen) to move within Schengen . So, i planned to organize a travel from Cuba to Belgrade-Serbia ( where is not requested a visa for cuban citizens) and get croatian viza there ! Unfortunately there are not direct flights Cuba-Serbia but only with stopovers in Italy or Germany,etc. My question is, does she need a transit visa if she doesnt leave the transit airport but just wait a few hours for the final destination ? Hope I was clear enough!!!
Thanx for help
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