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Temporary passport - valid 6 months

edited March 2009 in - Cuba
would like to ask you for the informations regarding my passport and my planned holiday in Cuba.
My new passport will be issued on 10th April - but not the new type of the biometric passport , only the provisory temporary passport with the validity of 6 months.
On 20th April I want to travel to Cuba, back to Czech Republic on 1st May.
So my passport will be valid still 5 months and 10 days after my return from Cuba.
I have found out the informations that for travelling to Cuba it is necessary to have a passport valid still 6 months after return from Cuba.
So I want to be sure, please let me know your opinion about temporary passport - if it could be a problem and what is a risk.
Thank you in advance for your answer, I am very nervous because if that.
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