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Israel visa validity and period of stay

edited February 2012 in Visa and Passport
hi there,
My company won a new project in Israel in August,2011 and i entered into Israel in Jan. 15, 2012 with Israel Bussiness visa(B/2,the visa validity from Oct. 26,2011 to April 25, 2012 and Multiple entries) for the mobilization and preparation of project. but at the Israel Ben Gurion Airport Customes, the officer stamped on my passport for one month stay, which means that i have to leave israel before Feb 15,2012. For staying longer, on Feb 10th, 2012, i entered Jordan from Israel Eilat customes and i back to Israel on Feb 13,2012, the Eilat customes officer stamp on my passport three months stay. The promble is that i can stay in Israel till May 13,2012 or April 25,2012. i am confused about the visa validity and stay period which one would prevail.


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    We are during the process of applying for work visa, the Israeli government expect to approve at the end of June.
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